Meowsic Keyboard from B. Toys Product Review

Kids can play along to 20 of their favorite songs using the Meowsic’s 5 different instruments, including a retractable mic, and 5 rhythm sounds, as well as our lyric book. Or switch it up and try Meowsic’s unique 7 witty kitty sounds. The Meowsic allows you to control your own volume, beat and tempo, and includes an auto-off feature.

I Wanna Rock!

Editor’s Note: There were several titles for this article tossed around the old editing room and we settled with a shout out to Twisted Sister. Other ideas included – “Kids Music Makes Me Want to Vomit”, “I Swear Music I Grew Up on Was Soooo Much Better than What is Out There Today!”, “Seriously, We Get It – The Green Grass Grows All Around and Around and Around and Around…..”