Gutzy Gear Party! (Mom on the Run Style)

It is true that I usually find sponsored blogs to be total sell outs. As soon as I see that little sentence “This blog is sponsored by…”, I typically click away. I don’t mean to be rude, I am just usually not that interested in reading a page long advertisement. Conversely, I really do admire those families that have been able to grow business out of blogging. They like me, are working from home and hopefully (but definitely in my imagination) making it work and able to find that work/life/family balance that I seem to be striving for but not yet achieving. Ahh, a story for another blog because this one was sponsored and that one wouldn’t be!

Thoughts on Mother’s Day from Mom on the Run

In February of 2006, 6 weeks before my son was born I got the call that my mother had passed away. She had struggled for 18 very long months trying to beat the cancer that eventually ravaged her body. As each day goes by, I don’t miss her less, or forget to think about her. It has gotten easier but not better.

Why Yes…Those are Pigs Flying!

“This week has been one of those weeks. It seemed that all of the volunteer work that I had signed up for at my kids school had to be done this week – and this week alone….” So begin this week’s blog from Mom on the Run. Read on to learn where her journey takes us this week – it’s a fun one!