Super Foods for You and Your Family – or – Family Cleanout with Good Tasting Food!

Ok Mom and Dad – sit down at the table tonight and tell your kids it’s time for a detox and see how that goes over. Or better yet, tell them you are going to feed them food that is going to help them be healthier…it’s fun to see their little faces when they think you are going to force them to eat things they think are gross! Never fear, Loni is back to help your family with a little detox – done with fun foods that your kids won’t mind eating! Or – do what we do – just feed them the goods, without telling them just how good it is for them!

The Whole Truth About Carbs

There is so much information and mis-information out there about healthy eating. Eat this…not that…Our Healthy Living Blogger Loni checks in with the low-down on Carbs and the best way to include (or not include) them in your family’s diet.

Challenge: Go Green…foods that is!

You didn’t think we’d write a blog about being nice to the environment, did you? Well, actually we would…but this blog from Loni is all about eating green. Now, it doesn’t tell you how to convince your kids to do it…it just covers some of the amazing benefits to their (and your) health! That and a toy as a reward just may have your kids going green too!

Chew More (as if kid chewing isn’t gross enough)

Yes, this is a blog about chewing…and without ruining the surprise…Loni is going to tell you to chew more. Which means you should tell your kids to chew more. And yes, you don’t need to tell us, we know how gross, slobbery, drooly, spit-flying fun kids chewing can be. Now that that is out of the way, please read on and enjoy!