Space Age Crystals Deluxe Crystal Growing Kit with LED Base from Kristal Educational Kids Teens Tweens Product Review

Space Age Crystals Growing Kit: Grows 13 Sparkling Crystals with multicolor LED base sparkling crystals grow right before your eyes. Grow a collection of 13 sparkling crystal specimens in four colors: emerald, aquamarine, citrine and ruby. 5 crystal clusters, 4 geedes, 4 single crystals contents: crystal growing chemicals, geode mold, casting plaster, crystal growing containers, lids, stirring rods, 48 page Space Age Crystals booklet, instructions, and a multicolor LED base.

Rubbabu Funky & Educational Ball Assortment Packs

Soft, squeezable, and colorful, Rubbabu Funky & Educational Balls make for endless hours of fun for children (and adults!), and are completely safe for both indoor and outdoor use. On the Educational Ball Assortment the raised alphabets, numerals and shapes on the surface give your child a fun and tactile way to learn.