HEXBUG Nano Raceway Habitat Set Product Review

Put your HEXBUG Nanos to the ultimate speed test with the Raceway Habitat Set. Use the included easy connect pieces to customize your track. Included Starting Gates and Magic Track hold Nanos in place until you release them and then the race is on! Whichever Nano passes through the Finish Gate and raises the checkered flag is the winner!

SqwishLand Soft’n Squishy Bracelet Product Review

Now you can wear your Sqwishland collection! The Sqwishland Soft n’ SquishyTM Bracelet is a fun new way to bring your Sqwishland collection with you while you’re on-the-go! You can customize your bracelet with seven of your favorite Sqwishlanders. Mix and match different Sqwishlanders depending on your mood or outfit. The Soft n’ SquishyTM Bracelet comes with 1 Crazy Rare Sqwishlander in a capsule.