Babyproofing Tips to Make Your Home Safe

Every new mom has a moment or two where she looks around her home and thinks “this house is a death trap!” Imagining traumatic falls on tile flooring or a fateful whack of the head on a sharp corner of the coffee table, you can drive yourself crazy thinking of all of the ways that your little one could be injured in your home. While babies are typically much more resilient than nervous new moms, a little caution goes a long way in protecting your child from household accidents. Here are some tried-and-true tips to babyproof your house and protect you child…

MobiCam Secure Start Wireless Digital Video Monitor from Mobi Technologies Baby Product Review

An exceptional Audio/Video monitoring system with a number of highly sought after features at an affordable price. With powerful features such as its convenient walkie-talkie style Two-Way audio, powerful speakers and automatic Night Vision you will get a clear view and sound of your baby at all times. Best-in-class performance with Audio only mode as well as VOX modes which automatically turn on the monitor so you can sleep peacefully when your baby sleeps and wake when your baby is up and making sounds.