Submit a Product

Thank you for considering submitting your product/service for evaluation by the What the Stuff product review team.  Below you will find valuable information and directions to successfully complete the submission process.

Details of Product Review Process
All products received from manufacturers must include a product information form filled out in its entirety (Download the Product Submission Form).  Multiple products are permitted, however individual product submission forms must be included with each (additional forms do not need to be included if color is the only difference). Once a product(s) is received, the following takes place:

  • Product is slated with review team – a tentative date will be provided to you as to when the evaluation will be complete.  Reviews generally go live on the website three to five weeks following receipt of the item.  Stock footage of product will be accepted to include as picture with review.
  • Non-lab testing will be conducted – manufacturers should provide details of evaluation/certification standards within the product submission form as these will be referenced in all product evaluations.   Proof of this testing can be provided via scanned copy or link to online verification.
  • Participants in the evaluation process are made aware that they do not receive any compensation for their contribution except for the knowledge that they have played a role in providing a fair and accurate review of a product or service.
  • If an item sent appears to be defective, manufacturers are contacted and permitted to resubmit.  However, if the product is cheaply made and breaks or falls apart under normal use it will not likely receive the necessary stars to obtain a written review.  We let manufacturers know why their product failed – if changes are made, the product can be resubmitted at a later time to be re-evaluated.
  • Products are awarded an overall star rating (on a scale of one to five) based on the following six categories: ease of use, durability, visual appeal, functionality, cost efficiency, and originality.
  • Products receiving three or more stars are provided with a written product evaluation posted on the website.
  • Products that do not receive a minimum of three stars do not receive a published review.
  • For some products, Swamp City Productions (parent company of WTS Toy Review) may choose to create an online video emphasizing specific points of the written product review.  This video will be owned by Swamp City Productions and may be shared via YouTube and/or other online video outlets.  Advertising may appear within these videos in order to help offset the cost of the operation of the website.

WTS Toy Review Promotional Policy

Products/services that receive a three-star rating or above are eligible to use the WTS Toy Review logo, as well as award logos as they apply.  Following are the rules for promotion:

  • If the company that submitted the product/service wishes to use the What the Stuff logo or award logos on their packaging, promotional materials or website, a licensing fee of $150 per year is requested.
    o The logo and any award(s) posted must have the year of issue shown beneath the logo or award.
    o Renewal of this licensing fee is due annually from the date the evaluation is posted.
    o Whether or not the licensing option is selected, the reviews, rankings and awards will be published and remain on the website for an indefinite period.
  • Award certificates, personalized statuettes and memorabilia can be ordered following the evaluation posting.
  • WTS Toy Review / Swamp City Productions does not warehouse or sell products direct to consumers.  Web links will be provided for customers to purchase products on partner sites.

Ready to Submit?

Print the Product Submission Form and send with the product to:

Swamp City Productions – WTS Toy Review
4581 Weston Road, PMB #132
Weston, Florida  33331

Questions?  Please feel free to email WTS Toy Review at or call our offices at (954) 845-7110 8:30am – 5:00pm EST.  If the product is sent out of a warehouse, therefore may not be able to include the Product Submission Form, please fax the form to (954) 845-7117.