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Wordsearch™ Junior from Goliath Games Kids Learning Game Review

Posted by: ReviewTeam1 ● September 12, 2013

Wordsearch™ Junior is the sequel to the successful Wordsearch! game. The junior version teaches reading, spelling, matching and sportsmanship. With three learning levels, children as young as 4 can join in the fun by matching patterns and can then move up to words with picture clues, while older children can play with word-only clues. Game includes 6 matching pattern puzzles, 6 words-with-picture puzzles and 6 word-only puzzles for years of learning and fun.
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Gooey Louie from Goliath Games Kids Product Review

Posted by: ReviewTeam1 ● August 15, 2013

Pick a winner with Gooey Louie. Put your finger up his nose and try to pick a winner. Watch out... if you pick the wrong gooey Louie's eyes will pop, he'll flip his lid and his brain will fly out. Gooey Louie provides hours of outrageous fun for everyone. Ages 4 and up. 2 or more players.
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Scallywags Board Game from Gamewright Kids, Teens, Tweens Review

Posted by: ReviewTeam1 ● April 29, 2013

Avast, me hearties! Yer band o’ buccaneers just hauled in a bounty o’ booty and now it be time to divvy up! Spill out the gold and then play cards to claim valuable coins or give the dregs to yer no good opponents. Grab yer fair share, but don’t get too greedy pirate or else ye may end up taking quarters in Davy Jones’s Locker!
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Relive the fast-action excitement of all your arcade favorites with Atari Arcade, the app-supported joystick controller for iPad®. With its joystick and buttons, Atari Arcade is exactly the way arcade games were meant to be played. The Duo line of app-supported accessories for iPad® create enhanced, shared gaming experiences with friends and family.
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