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Before mobile gaming gained popularity, the industry was already headed by coin-operated entertainment machines in the arcades. Today, avid gamers can relive this classic game through iCade Arcade Cabinet by ThinkGeek. The conceptwas initially an April Fool’s joke in 2010. However, the developers made it into reality by partnering with entertainment innovation company IonAudio and interactive entertainment firm Atari.
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Beatz Buddiez are 3” tall artistically designed characters with a built-in amplified speaker. They are small and fun companions to any cell phone, gaming device or computer. You can set them on a table or take them along tethered to your player, clothing or backpack anywhere you go!
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Relive the fast-action excitement of all your arcade favorites with Atari Arcade, the app-supported joystick controller for iPad®. With its joystick and buttons, Atari Arcade is exactly the way arcade games were meant to be played. The Duo line of app-supported accessories for iPad® create enhanced, shared gaming experiences with friends and family.
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You are undercover and need to communicate with base operations, EyeSpy™ has the equipment to help with the amazing two-way spy communicators with live video streaming. SpyLinx allows you to discuss tactics with your team, or if you are operating in silent in stealth-mode, send text or coded icon messages using the fully integrated keypad.
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