Think-ets Deluxe Pack


Manufacturer: Think-a-lot Toys
Recommended Age: 8 and up
Retail Price: $19.99
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Think-ets is an educational and fun-filled game using adorable tiny treasures from around the world that inspire creativity and test memory. With a variety of games that can be played, Think-ets stimulate the imagination and increase brainpower.
The Think-ets Deluxe Pack is for kids who want more trinkets for “bigger stories” and “bigger fun”. It comes with 30 tiny trinkets, a larger mesh carrying pouch, and a clear storage tray with individual cavities for each of the trinkets—a perfect nesting place for these special miniatures. With the Think-ets Deluxe Pack kids will definitely be telling “larger” stories and using “larger imaginations” if you get this for them!

Think-ets is one of those games that everyone can play – and everyone will have a blast with! In many ways Think-ets is like Mad Libs brought to life – but then they go so far beyond that! There are plenty of games that can be played with Think-ets, but the most simple involves selecting a set number of pieces, then sharing a story with your friends including the pieces. From there, the madness ensues! And with so many variations on game play, the story-telling is endless. One thing is for certain – each Think-ets game is easy to get started and easy to play!

The Think-ets pieces are small – and the Deluxe Pack includes a lot of them (30 to be exact). The Deluxe Pack is set-up well for storage, but if you are dealing with younger kids who misplace their toys, you’ll want to be a bit careful when it comes to closing up the set. Otherwise – no worries.

Each Think-ets piece is really detailed – obviously – because the more detailed it is the easier it will be to start telling a story. However, this isn’t the first game kids are going to flock to. It has no bells and whistles – it isn’t over the top bright and shiny. But once the game gets going, watch out because you’ll draw a crowd. And the longer the game is played, the more creative and visual the stories will become – keeping a crowd engaged. A big part of the visuals with this game is what you develop in your mind! And we love that!

Talk about limitless, endless functionality. Think-ets are designed to be played different each and every time. Add in the fact that there are so many different games that can be played, and you’ll find limitless possibilities. It’s not often that a tiny little game can have so much functionality – but this one has it!

The Think-ets Deluxe Pack costs just under $20. The pieces are well made, andthe kit should last, but we would have preferred the kit to cost a few dollars less. In a blind survey, we priced it right around $15 – not too far off, but still a little under.

We have never seen anything quite like Think-ets. Such a simple concept creates such an incredible variety of games, gameplay and fun. Each Think-ets kit purchased separately will include a different group of pieces. With the Deluxe Pack you get thirty game pieces to keep the stories fresh and fun every single time! Think-ets is absolutely original!

The Think-ets Deluxe Pack certainly surprised more than one of us. Let’s be honest – this doesn’t look like your everyday five star product, but a closer look reveals exactly why it is! First off, it is super-easy to play – and the games get started quickly and easily. Next, there is just limitless function – all you need is a few creative kids and you’ve got the makings of hours of fun. Add in that we’ve never seen anything quite like Think-ets, and that they are fairly priced and it’s easy to see just how this earned our top rating. Finally, a game that relies on children (and parents) to use their creative and imaginative skills!