Wise Alec


Manufacturer: Griddly Games, Inc.
Recommended Age: 8 and up
Retail Price: $24.99
On the Web: www.griddlygames.com
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Wise Alec is filled with challenging questions for the young and old. If you remembered everything you learned in grade school, you could have a shot at the title! With over 1,000 questions covering History, Science and Spelling, this game is guaranteed to entertain time and time again. You choose the difficulty of your question depending on your knowledge of the subject. Pick up a Wise Alec card and prepare to be surprised!
Includes playing board, six playing pieces, three decks of playing cards, two dice and rule book.

Wise Alec is a simple game to set-up and a simple game to get started. Designed for kids as young as 8 years old, Wise Alec doesn’t require a lot of time to learn how to play. The challenging part is the questions – and that’s a good thing!
By its design, Wise Alec has questions intended for kids and questions intended for adults – thereby leveling the playing field. This helps keep kids and adults on equal ground when it comes to trivia. Add in the fun, silly and interesting Wise Alec cards and the game is fun and fair for all to play.

Wise Alec is well made and shows no signs of breakdown after game play. With proper care and storage, Wise Alec will last for years of fun!

Wise Alec has a nice look to it – bright colors and a fun design. It doesn’t exactly jump off the shelf and scream play me, and it doesn’t incorporate any blinking lights or sounds, but as far as standard board games go, it looks great!

The makers of Wise Alec clearly put a lot of thought and creativity into how the game is played. There is a wide variety of categories, with questions on two levels – easier for kids, more difficult for adults. The Wise Alec cards take the game in a different direction to lighten things up – and keep the group laughing!

With a price tag of $24.99 Wise Alec falls into the price range of many of the most popular games out there. That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like to see it cost a little less, but it is certainly fairly priced.

Wise Alec combines components of some of your favorite trivia-style games, and uses a unique way to make the game fun and fair for kids and adults to play together. The Wise Alec cards add a silly element, and even brings out fun, physical challenges.

Wise Alec is a fun game to play, and a nice addition to your game closet. The best part is definitely that kids and adults can play together – and the kids can win! The trivia may be a bit challenging, for younger and older alike, but the Wise Alec cards are fun for everyone! Just be warned Moms and Dads, this isn’t one of those trivia games your guaranteed to win – the kids have just as good of a chance as you do!