XP2 by Holeys


Manufacturer: Holeys
Recommended Age: 1 year and up
Retail Price: $20.99
On the Web: www.holeys.com
Buy It Here: www.holeys.com

The manufacturer of the XP2, Holeys, produces innovative lifestyle products featuring technically advanced closed cell polymer foam. Incorporated in their products is SmartCel memory foam to provide comfort, improved support and resiliency. Additionally, all new footwear models produced, include Sole-tek, Holeys’ slip-resistant thermo rubber sole for increased stability and durability.

The XP2 is available in multiple colors and touts exceptional comfort and support. The shoes are available in both kids and adult sizes. All sizes of the XP2 include a built in arch and tarsal support and massaging orthotic footbed. The heelstrap can be used to secure the shoe or it can be flipped forward for easy slip on. Additionally, the shoes are antimicrobial and odor resistant.

Holeys XP2, the next generation of footwear, is easy to get into and easy to get out of! The kids on the review team were thrilled that they could put them on and take them off themselves (as were their parents)! It doesn’t get much easier to wear and use than Holeys XP2.

Designed to be used in virtually any environment, wet or dry, Holeys XP2 are made super strong for all sorts of fun! From the beach to the playground, Holeys XP2 will stick with them every step of the way. As such, our review team saw no major cause for concern in the Durability department.

“Those are awesome!” was something we heard from more than one little reviewer! And if a kid likes the look of the shoe, you can almost guarantee they’ll be happy to wear it – which is exactly why their parents helped review Holeys XP2 so high in this category!

Like all Holeys shoes, XP2 are designed to handle both wet use and dry use. But, like many of Holeys shoes, these aren’t designed for all sports activities, limiting them slightly. But for every day fun, Holeys XP2 may be the perfect shoe.

Our review team loves when they can peg a price right on – and there was no shortage of high-fives when they nailed Holeys XP2’s price! Our team suggested a retail price of $20 – and Holeys XP2 is actually priced at $20.99. Right on!

There are a few brands making waves in the category of shoes with designs similar to Holeys XP2 – so they didn’t earn top scores as a true original.

Holeys XP2 was a real crowd pleaser among our review team. Sure, there are a number of knock-offs out there of Holeys style, but none are as durable, are as comfortable or perform as well. With all of that and awesome style on its side, Holeys XP2 rates five stars for sure!

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