Are You Ready for Your Teen to Drive?

It might be hard to believe, but your baby is actually old enough to drive. He or she has a learner’s permit and is more than ready to head out with you for some driving lessons. The following tips and advice can help prepare both you and your fledging driver on how to stay safe on the road!

Three Ways Technology Has Made Parenting Easier For You

Your kids have probably heard the “when I was your age” spiel hundreds of times by now, but they never quite seem to get it. But honestly it’s not surprising that an 11-year-old with a smartphone will fundamentally never understand what it was like to use a payphone or (horror of horrors) listen to a busy signal on the other end.

What Not to Get Your Mom for Her Birthday

Cleaning supplies

We all can agree. Moms are the hardest people to shop for. You don’t want to let your mom down on her birthday (Hey, I thought those chore coupons were a nice gesture. Apparently not.). Looking back, I realize just how hard my mother worked to earn that prestigious title of “Mom.” She always took care of me and my sisters with kindness and patience, even when she probably wanted to throw us off a cliff. Make sure your mom has a good birthday by avoiding some of these “mom gift” cliches and faux pas.