Oball™ Obounce Activity Center™ Baby Product Review

With lights, sounds, music and those dynamic Oball™ signature toys – the Obounce Activity Center™ will have your little one busy and bouncing. This unique bounce pad is textured and designed to allow baby to safely bounce and explore the rest of the activities offered. There is a 3-position height adjustment so this activity center can grow with baby, and the seat rotates a full 360 degrees so baby can reach every enticing toy station.

Tiggly Learning Shapes and Interactive iPad Apps for Toddlers Product Review

Tiggly is a learning company pioneering a new way to educate children in the digital age, by combining the educational benefits of physical play with the learning potential (and fun!) of digital tools we can create the ideal environment for early childhood education. Their first physical product is Tiggly Shapes, a set of 4 geometric shapes that are designed to interact with Tiggly’s learning apps on tablets.