Buyer’s Guide – Tweens & Teens Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Buying all the latest teen fashion clothing can be an expensive proposition.  Whether you spend days at the local mall or shop from the comfort of your home via the Internet there are many stores and brands that can provide hip clothing for your teenager.

How can you determine what’s hot for your teenager?  Following are a few ideas as to how to get “in the know”:

  • In Stock: One of the best indicators as to what’s popular in teen fashion is what is currently stocked in teen-oriented stores.  Take a walk around the store and you will generally only find what’s “in” (unless you’re just looking at the sale rack!).
  • Fashion Shows: While the looks presented at fashion shows on the runways are usually too extreme for everyday wear, they do usually present new trends in the industry.
  • Celebrities: These are truly trendsetters that your teen may choose to follow – the Paris Hiltons and Lindsay Lohans of the world help create the next new look.
  • Broadcast Media: The newest and hottest movies, music videos and television shows also provide many new fashion styles.
  • Magazines: CosmoGIRL! and Teen Magazine can help you learn about the latest styles designed for teens.  Other fashion magazines such as Vogue can get you up-to-date on world-wide trends, and celebrity magazines such as Entertainment Weekly and People present you with great pictures of recent fashions.

Some of the most popular stores for teenage clothing include Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle Outfitters and Hot Topic (punk style clothing).  Juniors departments in most retail stores are stocked with an assortment of the latest styles.  Be sure to head to high-end department stores for designer goods.

Since shopping for clothing, shoes and accessories can be expensive when it comes to teens – use some of the following suggestions to try to stretch your fashion cash:

  • Some discount stores, such as Target, offer brand names from favorite designers.  While not always top-of-the-line, this clothing will last the season.
  • Shop outlet stores for brand name clothing.  With this tactic, you may not always have the latest fashion as you may only find clothes a few months after they had first hit the stores, however sometimes you will find great brand name “staples” this way.
  • Buy items on clearance.  Again, a great way to find items that may not go out of style for the following season.  Save some dollars here to be able to spend toward some of the newest and hottest trends.
  • For birthdays or other events, ask family and friends to provide your teen with gift cards to their favorite stores – this way, it is up to your teen to spend the money wisely.
  • Encourage your teen to create his or her own style!  They shouldn’t feel that they have to be a slave to new fashion when they can enjoy wearing what they like and setting their own trends.

Teen fashion is extremely volatile as it changes from season to season – keep up with the trends by following the advice above.