Buyer’s Guide – Kids Robots & Space Toys

In either your local toy store or online you can find your child’s dream toy to help him or her learn about the universe.  Two categories of intriguing toys for children are robots and space toys.

Robots have fascinated children for generations and the complexity of robot toys has evolved over the years to provide multiple choices at a variety of prices.  Science fiction stories and movies have brought robots into the mainstream and toymakers continue to provide options for the young.  The term “robot” refers to the growing range of interactive devices that have beneficial effects on how children develop and grow.  Robots available from leading designers and researches offer a unique perspective for children through a wide age range.

Robotic toys have advanced through the years as all technology has continued to develop.  Today, robot toys have a range of capabilities, from simple functions to much more complicated operations.  These toys can walk, run, turn, use their arms and basically perform many human movements such as sitting, standing, lying down and waving.  Additionally, some of the newer models can even recognize color and interact with people and objects.  As much of the technology has become less expensive to develop (decrease in cost of microchips), robot toys have become more affordable.  Robots do not necessarily have to look like the classic tin robots of yesterday.  Non-traditional robots are being developed – animals such as a dinosaur can even be robotic – these robots allow kids to manipulate the robot by realistically moving the head and tail sections.

Children’s robot kits are available which are designed to motivate the inventor in all kids.  A more advanced robot kit is one which allows kids to build and program a wireless robot through computer software.  These robot kits are generally for kids around ten and up.

Studies of robots have shown that they may help children grow social skills and interact with others more effectively.  Robot toys are a trend of today – whether they walk, talk or perform more complex functions there are a variety of robotic toys for all age ranges.

Space toys also captivate children’s attention.  Following are some of the most popular space toys for kids:

  • Model Space Ships/NASA Products: Children often dream of being astronauts, so they especially enjoy astronaut toys.
  • Flying Saucer or Alien Spaceship: You can find battery powered remote control spaceships or saucers similar to remote control planes or cars.  Utilizing the controls, the altitude and speed of the saucer can be determined by the user.
  • Figures and Dolls: Like other action figures, children can use their imagination when playing with space figures.  The common space figure that can be found is an astronaut; however, for make-believe play, aliens can also be fun figures to have around.
  • Space Food: You might not find it delicious, however your child will have fun tasting!  Try some astronaut ice cream as a crunchy, sweet treat.  Also available are freeze-dried fruit snacks that taste similar to fresh fruit, however they have a big crunch.  Freeze-dried fruit snacks can provide you with a healthy portable snack that may be of interest for your child.

Let your child enjoy interacting with the scientific world – robots and space toys make a unique gift for any child and help both social skills develop as well as an interest in the universe.