Buyer’s Guide – Kids Furniture, Bedding & Decor

Your child’s bedroom provides space that is his or her own.  If possible, allow your child to help decide how to decorate, as well as assist in the actual decorating process to give him or her a sense of achievement and ownership.

You can’t expect to make all the right choices when selecting your child’s bedroom furniture, however, following a few simple rules will help:

  • Space is critical – take all possible steps to maximize it.  Find a way to store everything.
  • If two or more children are sharing a room, be sure each has a little of his or her own space in the room – even if you decide on a bunk bed, each child should have at least their own play corner or set of drawers for their own clothes.
  • Drawers are generally easier for children to put their clothes/toys away in rather than large wardrobes.  Also, find space to have them keep their shoes, whether it’s a fabric holder or just a box, this will help avoid having shoes everywhere.
  • Pick furniture to complement the colors of the walls.  Keep in mind when painting, kids don’t care that lighter colors are modern or make the room look bigger – they like colorful – so, if you can, give them what they want.
  • Sturdy furniture is your best bet.  Furniture that may collapse is both a waste of money as well as a potential danger to your child.
  • Avoid furniture with sharp edges and breakable items.  Ideally, the furniture should have rounded edges.
  • When budgeting, consider that you will probably have to replace the furniture within a few years.  Don’t avoid buying fun and unique furniture just because your kid is going to outgrow it.  You may be able to sell the furniture when your child is done with it – and your child should get at least a few years of enjoyment.
  • Spend money on the staple items, then select a few novel pieces to make the room complete.
  • Do research online, and then see if there is a store locally that you can take a look at your selection.  There are many pieces available online which are not available in most markets across the country – so don’t rule out those that you aren’t able to physically see!

Once you have the furniture, your child’s bedding can bring the room to life.  There is a wide variety of themes you can pick from such as sports, fairies, butterflies, cars, trains or animals.  Think about bringing your kids’ favorite cartoon or television character to the bedroom.  You can find comforter sets, sheets, sleeping bags and pillow shams decorated with characters such as SpongeBob, Buzz Lightyear, and the Disney princesses.  In addition, you can install canopies or netting to embellish the atmosphere.  Canopies are available in a wide range of colors, or you can find many that feature beloved characters.

When purchasing sheets, ensure they are comfortable and tight-fitting on your child’s bed.  Many times the dye used on the kids printed sheets will make the fabric feel a bit rough at first, however, they will usually soften up after a few washings.

In addition to the furniture and bedding, there are many opportunities to embellish the room further with décor.  Wastebaskets, shelves, clocks, and pictures are just a few of the items available to give the room its final touches.  Much of the added décor you can find will help increase the vital storage space that your child’s room may lack – so search for unique storage options to make the room complete.