Buyer’s Guide – Kids Clothing

Buying your child clothing is a never-ending process.  If the knees aren’t worn out, they’ve probably outgrown them.  Whether there is another child that can provide hand-me-downs or not, buying kids’ clothing can take up considerable time and effort.

Always keep in mind that children wear their clothes for only a few months – so for every day clothes you will want to find some affordable options.  The younger your child, the easier it may be as the parent may still be in control.  As your child grows, social pressures, brand names, and other external issues will come into play and may cause you to purchase differently than you might have otherwise.

Sources for your children’s clothing may be may be any of the following:

  • Department stores
  • Discount stores
  • Online stores
  • Warehouses/Outlets
  • Auctions
  • Consignment/Thrift Shops
  • Hand-me-downs

Of course, each source has its advantages and disadvantages – however, at least there are many options!

Durable and Washable
When buying clothing, keep in mind that children’s clothing is subject to stains, dirt and stress.  Play clothes should be made of durable, sturdy fabric.  Additionally, the fabric should be washable and require minimal special care when laundered.  Play clothes shouldn’t need to be ironed.

Dress-up clothes can be less durable, however, dependant on the child, they may still be subject to stains and stress.  In some cases, these clothes may need to be dry-cleaned – so stain and spot removal may be difficult.

Keep your child comfy with soft fabrics that have some stretch.  Scratchy fabrics can be uncomfortable against the skin and may cause a skin reaction if your child’s body is sensitive.

Be sure that your children’s clothing fits well – it is neither too loose or too tight.  Clothing that is too big can get caught on things, is hazardous around flames, could be a tripping hazard and can flat out be uncomfortable to wear.  Clothing that is too small or too tight is confining and my bother your child’s skin.  Pants and sleeves that are too short may feel awkward.

Buying new kids clothing at full price generally provides the largest selections of sizes and styles.  Parents also can find that they may be able to get kids clothes at bargain prices without sacrificing too much in the way of choice – you just have to know what you’re looking for and be willing to search further.