Buyer’s Guide – Kids Bounce Houses

Bounce houses have become a party tradition for children of a wide range of ages as they are a safer, fun alternative to trampolines and provide a unique play place for multiple children at one time.  From bounce houses to inflatable fun centers to water parks children will not be disappointed – and as a parents you provide a way for kids to exercise and bounce their energy away (while you relax!).  You can chose to either purchase an inflatable bouncer or rent – either way, you will want to know how they work and what’s available.

Most inflatable bounce houses and water parks use continuous airflow – this means that an air blower will continuously pump air into the bounce house or water park while it is in use.  The air escapes through the seams and allows the inflatable to “breathe”.  Blowers used for the continuous airflow require power, so when determining if you’d like to use an inflatable for a party, be sure you have power or a generator accessible.

There are two basic types of inflatables – residential and commercial.  Residential are generally made of a less durable woven cloth making them light (weighing as little as 30 lbs).  Due to the lighter weight, they are easier to set up, take down and transport.  If well cared for, these inflatables can be used for years, although they are not recommended as rentals.  Ensure that the inflatable you select has strong material quality, stitching and weave – cheaper materials may not hold up well and will split at the seams.

Commercial inflatables are made of a stronger material and are designed for continuous use scenarios – these are the bounce houses, water parks, and slides that you find through most rental businesses.  While these inflatables can be used at home, they are usually expensive and very heavy (over 150 lbs for small sizes).

There are many features that inflatables can provide – here are some of the main ones you can look for:

  • Bouncing floors: The most important part of a standard bounce house, you will want one that is big enough for all of your children and strong enough for your intended use.  Older, heavier kids will need a more sturdy bouncing floor than younger children.
  • Slides: Another common feature on a bounce house, however, many times they are just there for aesthetics or safety purposes.  Should you want a fun slide, you will need a taller bounce center that has a means for the children to climb to the top.
  • Water: Growing in popularity and availability, these water parks keep kids cool, wet and occupied during warm days.  From slides to mini-pools there’s a wide assortment of available water parks.
  • Obstacle Courses and Climbing Walls: These inflatables allow your child to have a rare place to jump and run all in one.  These inflatable centers may have basketball hoops, jumping walls or any other interactive features.

Bounces houses, water parks or any type of inflatable can provide your child(ren) endless hours of fun – and a place to exert all that extra energy.