Buyer’s Guide – Kids Bathing

Your child’s bath time can be a great time for relaxation and pretend play. Keep your kids safe and let them have some fun while washing off the dirt.

Many items are available to make bathing a safe, fun experience. Here are some of the items you may think about investing in to make your child’s bath time enjoyable:

  • Tub Toys: From bath books and instruments to car garages to the good old-fashioned rubber duckie, kids love to play while they’re in the tub. Also, there are multiple products available to allow toys to dry after the bath, such as pods or nets that hold the toys and let them to drain.
  • Spout Covers and Mats: These products help prevent bumps, slips, and falls while your child is in the tub.
  • Skin Care/Body Products: Tending to your child’s skin is particularly important. Allergies can develop as your child grows, so be sure you only test out one new product at a time if possible.
  • Shampoo and Soaps: Mild shampoos, soaps, and bubble baths help clean the skin without drying your child out. Also, there are good-quality soaps and shampoos for sensitive skin.
  • Ointments and Powders: Especially for young children who are still in diapers, skin care items are important to have on hand to prevent irritation and diaper rash.
  • Baby Wipes: Not only good for a diaper cleaning, but when a bathtub isn’t handy, baby wipes can be used for wiping up food, dirt or any of the other messes your child may make.
  • Towels and Washcloths: Keep your child dry, clean and warm after a bath. As with babies, hooded towels, wraps, and robes can be used to keep your kid warm and cuddly.
  • Thermometer: Use a thermometer or other temperature monitor before setting your child in the bathtub. Bath water should be between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit to be safe (and warm).

This list is provided as a guide to items that are available to keep your child comfortable, safe, and happy while in the bath.