Buyer’s Guide – Babies & Infants Keepsakes & Announcements

keepsakes2Traditional keepsakes are those that can be displayed upon your child’s birth and then handed to him or her once he or she is grown. Keepsakes can range from a sewn baby blanket with the baby’s name and birth date to a purchased or handmade ornament for “Baby’s First Christmas.” Following are some ideals to provide baby with keepsakes to mature with:

  • Books and Albums: Baby books can allow moms to chronicle pregnancy, birth, and the first year of a baby’s life.  These journals may include a family tree, a chart for a handprint and footprint, an envelope for a lock of hair, mounting space for the birth certificate and birth announcement, as well as space for listing baby’s firsts and favorites.  Baby picture albums showcase baby’s first years and allow the family to safely keep pictures in protective photo sleeves or on acid-free paper.  Digital photo albums provide you with the opportunity to organize, protect and share your personal photos in a virtual setting – these programs can even give you the impression that you are turning the pages of a real album.
  • Boxes: Keepsake boxes allow you to store precious baby memories.  There are a wide variety of boxes including large, small, wooden, and metal in many shapes and colors. You can use these boxes to store baby’s first curl, first tooth, and first rattle, as well as any other items that may be of sentimental value.
  • Picture Frames: Signature frames are great for showers or at the hospital to all friends and family to write special messages to help celebrate your new arrival with you (also great for capturing 1st birthday wishes!).  Another idea – a shadow box to hold a picture as well as baby’s first curl, footprint or hospital ID bracelet.  Picture frames come in all shapes and sizes, from wall hanging to desktop, families never can have enough frames to showcase their little one.
  • Personalized Items: These are perfect gifts for a baby who may already have everything, or is a second or third child.  While at times these gifts may not be practical, they are certainly an unusual alternative to ordinary gifts.  Silver spoons, brush and comb sets, rattles, and cups can easily be personalized and provide beautiful keepsakes.  Also, more useful items such as blankets, stools, and burp clothes can be personalized for baby.

When your child is born, as a proud parent you want to share the wonderful news with friends and family.  A birth announcement is an easy and effective way to notify everyone of the recent arrival.  These announcements can be made professionally, or crafted on your own utilizing a user-friendly at-home kit.  Your birth announcement can be designed any way you like it – from a simple drawing to pictures and handcrafted pieces.  Many of the at-home kits use basic computer software that allows you to create something both unique and cost efficient.