Buyer’s Guide – Babies & Infants Clothing

clothing2In general, all baby clothes are adorable; however, before you buy your layette you will want to consider clothing that will keep your baby comfortable, safe and cute.

A few clothing buying tips to keep in mind:

  • Since you don’t know that exact size of your baby until after he/she is born, you will want to buy newborn clothes on the big side to avoid being stuck with clothing that is too small.  They’ll eventually grow into the clothes – but those that are too small will never fit!
  • Consider the time of year your baby will be born.  Summer babies should be dressed in breathable, loose-fitting clothes to keep away from heat rash.  Winter babies, dependant on your climate, need to have hats, mittens and booties to keep them protected.
  • Pay attention to where snaps or buttons are located on the clothing you buy.  For baby’s comfort, think about how the baby will be laying on the clothing and if the accessories will be bothersome.
  • Functionality is important.  Ease of access is essential for diaper and clothing changes.  Snap crotches are generally easiest for this purpose, and at night, contemplate using sleep gowns for even easier access to diapers.
  • As your child grows, you will want durable clothing that will last the eating, crawling and falling.  Be sure to buy clothes that are easy to maintain.  Of course, for special events, a less durable and potentially more adorable outfit is fine!
  • Newborn and infant clothing sizes are based on months, usually noted with an M after a number – these are based on average size babies – but keep in mind, some babies are bigger or small than average, however most grow at a fairly rapid pace in their first year.  Following are the approximate measurements of baby and infant clothing:
  • 0 – 3 M:  19-23 inches long, 4 – 11 pounds
  • 3 – 6 M:  24 – 26 inches, 12 – 15 pounds
  • 6 – 9 M:  27 – 28 inches, 16 – 18 pounds
  • 12 M:  29 – 30 inches, 19 – 20 pounds
  • 18 M:  31 – 32 inches, 21 – 23 pounds
  • 24 M:  33 – 35 inches, 24 – 28 pounds
  • Gifts that you will receive prior to and when you have a baby are generally in small sizes.  Don’t overdo the amount of small clothing you purchase as your baby will quickly grow out of these clothes!

Separate your baby’s closet and drawers by clothing size.  This way, you will know what you have and won’t miss the opportunity to put him/her in it.