About What the Stuff Toy Review

What the Stuff Toy Review has been developed to provide readers (moms and dads, manufacturers and commercial buyers) with product reviews and buyers guides for both ordinary and unusual products available on the market for babies through teens.  All items found here are reviewed and evaluated by our product specialist team, and you can rest assured that you will find honest and interesting information about each product.

How and why are products evaluated?

Since the information found here is for the readers, here are some important facts as to how the submission and evaluation process works:

  • We do not charge any fees for reviewing products or publishing the reviews.  This means there is no bias when the products are evaluated.
  • Manufacturers are encouraged to send their products for review to bring additional exposure to their merchandise.  There is no limit as to the number of products that any one manufacturer can have reviewed at one time.  Any products associated with children and family are acceptable for review.
  • Evaluations and reviews are generally completed within three to five weeks following the receipt of the product.  The time varies based on the volume of products currently submitted, as well as the complexity of the design.
  • Evaluations are completed by our review team, office staff, and parents and children as needed.  If WTS Toy Review can not find a suitable demographic for testing, reviews are done by our office staff to the best of our ability and knowledge.
  • Products are not returned to manufacturers upon completion of the evaluation as they are used beyond just the product specialist team.  Many times they are given away to local organizations or clubs, including donations made to schools and hospitals.  In addition, some products are sold at auction to help offset the operating costs of this website.
  • Reviews are not published about any products that may have a bad influence on your child including any item that may seem to be offensive or outright unsafe.
  • While safety is a primary concern for most products, WTS Toy Review/Swamp City Productions does not directly test safety.  These tests are left to the labs and the organizations that specialize in safety testing.  Within reviews, it is noted as to which safety tests the products have passed based on manufacturers’ submission of this information.
  • It is important to note that only products that pass the evaluation process (three star rating or above) will be incorporated in the product review guides provided here.

What happens after a review is complete?

Written reviews are meant for the readers, however as long as a product passes the evaluation process, manufacturers can use the review to their advantage as well.

  • Following review, manufacturers can choose to license the review and WTS Toy Review award logo.  Licensing allows a company usage of the award logo and the review on websites, packaging and in promotional materials.  There is an annual fee for licensing usage.
  • Manufacturers that are presented with awards of three stars or higher will be eligible for online video reviews.  These segments are professionally produced videos about individual products reviewed by the team.  Any videos produced by Swamp City Productions (parent company of WTS Toy Review) are the property of Swamp City Productions unless otherwise determined by contract with specified manufacturers.