Hexbug Ant
Manufacturer: Innovation First, Inc.
Recommended Age:  14 years and up
Retail Price: $9.99
Buy it here: amazon.com
On the web: www.innovationfirst.com

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WTS Rating:

(4 out of 5 stars)



Hexbugs from Innovation First are autonomous, high-speed micro robotic creatures. 


The Hexbug Ant includes probing, tactile antennas and hooked claws.  The critter features front and rear sensors that allow it to maneuver around objects in its path and wheel legs that propel it forwards, backwards and over small obstacles with speed.  Each Hexbug Ant has an inner body that includes robotic intelligence which is protected by a hard, transparent exoskeleton casing.  Hexbug Ants also include a button cell battery.



Like the other Hexbug creatures, the Hexbug Ant is so easy that they don't even have to include instructions!  The kids and adults just pulled the ant out of its packaging, turned him (or her!) on - and away he ran.
Our kids only ran into one problem when it came to durability with the Hexbug Ant - after running into numerous objects one of the antennae became displaced - all it took was a dad to get it back in working order and it was off again!  Again, similar to the other Hexbug creatures, the Ant is remarkably small - so, keeping track of it may prove to be difficult (ours ran under a couple couches during testing - but found his way out!).
Cute in their own way - but our reviewers couldn't find a "wow" factor when it came to the Visual Appeal category.  The wheel legs are certainly unique, but not necessarily something that makes the Hexbug Ant visually appealing.
The Hexbug Ant does what's intended - it definitely achieves the billing of a "high-speed creature".  While the toy is intended for those much older - under supervision our youngest kids actually enjoyed it quite a bit more - there was quite a bit of chasing and laughing around the room.  The Hexbug Ant was faster than many of our little (human) legs could go!  However, while it did function as expected, it's really doesn't have any other functional value, so our review team determined a max of three stars in this category.
Our panel sees this product as an impulse grab on the way out of a store - something that would make sense to add on to a gift.  So, at just under $10, it was a little more than their "impulse" would say a resounding yes to!


Our panel agreed that even though some of them have seen Innovation First's Hexbugs before - they still find them to be a unique product on the market.
Need to wear your little one out and want something for him to chase around the house? The Hexbug Ant just might do the trick (with supervision, of course).  An interesting twist on the original Hexbug products!