Toilet Training Kits & Aid
Manufacturer: Aaron & Associates
Recommended Age: 18-21 months,
2-3 years
Retail Price:
PottieStickers - $9.99
PottieKits - $12.99
Buy it here:
On the web: www.pottiestickers.com

WTS Rating:

(5 out of 5 stars)

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PottieStickers Toilet Training Kits are an incentive award kit allowing children to make pictures while learning to potty train.  PottieStickers come three in a pack to use one for the home, one for daily travel (mom's purse or diaper bag) and one for the child's care facility or grandma's house.  Each 8 1/2" x 11" fold out picture has correlating 5 1/2 x 8 1/2" thick stickers for fine motor skills development of both able bodied and special needs children.  It is recommended to give one PottieSticker for a child who sits on the toilet, two PottieStickers for a pee and three PottieStickers for a poop.  Award certificates can be printed out every day for each of the child's potty milestones.  In addition, the PottieStickers Toilet Training Kit comes with a CD that also provides instruction as to methodology and helpful tips for use with the program.


The PottieStickers concept is definitely easy to use!  Our Moms and Dads were all extremely pleased at the concept itself.  That isn't to say that the potty training itself was easy - just that these behavior reward stickers were!  And the kids our parents were working with all enjoyed earning their stickers, even if they hadn't fully mastered their potty training!
No durability concerns here.  The stickers are well made, and actually extra thick to make it easier for little hands to grab hold of.  The boards that the stickers stick to are strong as well, and foldable to keep handy in a diaper bag or purse.  The only drawback is that the stickers aren't exactly reusable.
The PottieStickers have a fun look that the kids on our review team really enjoyed.  Remember, we are talking toddlers here and they pretty much love every sticker!  The parents particularly liked the fact that the children get to select the stickers and put it anywhere they want - a boost in confidence and creativity.
Well...the PottieStickers themselves are just that - stickers.  The key is in the execution of the PottieStickers training technique.  Working with the technique some of our parents definitely felt that they were on the way to potty training success.
With an actual retail price between $10 and $12, PottieStickers aren't exactly a high ticket item.  On the other hand some of our parents felt that if they are simply working with stickers to teach their kids potty training techniques they may have been able to find some less expensive alternatives.


When it comes to potty training there are certainly a number of tools, theories and aids out there - so it isn't exactly an untapped market.  On the other hand, none of our parents on the review team had quite seen anything like PoittieStickers that was a reward system packaged and ready to go.
Overall our parents liked the idea behind PottieStickers - a reward based incentive program to help little ones work on potty training.  They certainly aren't overpriced and they just may be the inspiration your little guy or gal needs to make the potty training connection!