Slackers Falcon Series 40’ Zipline Kit

Take backyard play to the next level with the Brand 44 Slackers 40′ Zipline Falcon Series Set. This easy-to-install set includes a durable 40-foot stainless steel cable and simple instructions and hardware for attaching the cable at an incline between two trees. The steel trolley has comfortable rubber grip handles and sealed ball bearings for a smooth ride. A zip-line is a fun way to encourage outdoor play and exercise, providing hours of fun for the whole family.

The zipline itself is easy to use. Hop on, have someone pull you to the other end and let go….and whoosh you are on your way. However, properly installing the zipline takes some strength and some patience. The process itself isn’t terribly long, but obviously you’ll want to pay very close attention and make sure you install the zipline properly.

No durability concerns. The wire seems strong, the carriage is well made, and we see no reason this zipline won’t last.

Sometimes we wish we could award 6 stars or more! This is one of those times! Nothing cooler than seeing a little one ziplining across your yard!

The zipline works, and we found that most kid are willing to spend hours on it…it’s usually the parents that will tire out first! But…by nature, this is a 40 ft. zipline that just goes in one direction….so it isn’t exactly the most functional.

Priced right around $100 Slackers Falcon Series Zipline feels fair. When you install you’ll definitely get the feeling that the line itself and the equipment are all high quality, which is what you want in something your kids will be riding on. No cost concerns for us.

I mean…a zipline in your own backyard! Now this isn’t built for your little ones to soar above the treeline, but it is pretty awesome indeed! It basically brings intro ziplining fun right to your own home!

Overall we really really love the Falcon Series Zipline from Slackers. It’s extremely well made, not too difficult to install, and built to last. Add in that your kids will love whooshing along in your yard and you have the makings of a five start item!

Manufacturer: Slackers
Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Retail Price: $99.99
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