Dino-Faurs 4×4 Pull Back Toy

Aeromax Dino-Faurs pull-back 4 wheel dinosaur trucks are sure to be a big hit with dinosaur enthusiasts. With the new Dino-Faurs kids can enjoy endless fun. Nicely sized at 7″L x 4. 5″H x 4″W (5. 5″ tall with mouth open), this friction powered pull back T-Rex Truck has high performance 4×4 wheels made from PVC for great traction and detailed realistic spring suspension. Just pull it back and watch it go. Indoor or Outdoors, even works on carpet.

Hand a Dino-Faur over to your little one and get out of the way! They’ll be laughing and playing in seconds…no parental assistance needed!

Let’s just say our little focus group isn’t exactly gentle when it comes to playing with toys…and Dino-Faurs held up just fine! While it’s certainly not recommended, our little ones laughed as they sent this self-propelled vehicle off of coffee tables and onto the floor and we found no breakdown in performance. Under regular use these should hold up very nicely.

Our boys and girls were immediately drawn to the really cool Dino-Faurs design. And once they saw the pull-back self propelled racing forward, they were hooked.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why Hot Wheels and other car toys have been so popular over the years? The reason is simple, they get kids’ imaginations going. Dino-Faurs do just that – offering plenty of hours of play for a creative child.

Dino-Faurs are priced under $10 – perfect for an everyday gift, or buy both to hit that perfect $20 sweet spot for a birthday gift for friends.

Combine a self-propelled car/vehicle toy with a detailed colorful dinosaur and you have an all original toy. 5 stars here for sure!

Overall our kids were thrilled to get their hands on a Dino-Faur – and we think your kids will be thrilled too. Look – it isn’t a phone, tablet, or computer screen – and we are so pleased with that! This is a simple, car-style toy that kids are drawn to play with, and it gets their imaginations working. Priced properly, and built to last. Dino-Faurs for the win!

Manufacturer: Aeromax Inc.
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $9.95
On the Web: www.aeromaxtoys.com
Buy It Here: