Ninja Slackline Ropes Obstacle Course for Kids with Monkey Bars

Lily’s Things Double Obstacle Line has been designed to provide hours of outdoor fun for children ages 5 and up, and will support users up to 250lbs per individual obstacle. It’s a Ninja warrior course with monkey bars, hanging rings and hanging monkey knots that is completely adjustable, allowing you to adjust the skill level of the course for different ages. Unlike any other ninja slackline set out there, their patent pending double line design allows for the monkey bars to hang as monkey bars should: perpendicular to the course . And they are able to do this using a single slackline and just two trees, no need for extra trees or posts.

The Double Obstacle Line is designed to be used between two healthy trees that are spaced at least 15 feet apart, and no more than about 37 feet apart. They recommend trees between 1 foot and 3 feet in diameter. We do not recommend the use of posts or man made structures in place of the trees, due to the high forces involved once the line is ratcheted into place.

Key features:

  • MONKEY BARS THAT HANG PERPENDICULAR TO THE COURSE! – Unlike any other set, this patent pending double line design allows for the monkey bars to hang perpendicular to the course, as they should!
  • 50% LESS OBSTACLE SAG OR RECOIL compared to other ninja lines – Because the user is supported by two slacklines instead of one, there is greater support, which prevents the obstacles from bouncing up and twisting over the line when the user dismounts.
  • ADJUST THE COURSE ANY WAY YOU LIKE – The Double Obstacle Line has unique buckles that allow you to customize the obstacle positions in any order and any distance apart that you’d like.
  • SAFE AND HIGH QUALITY – Lily’s Things believes in safety before all else. Their equipment is factory break tested to sustain very high forces and is made from high quality industrial strength materials. Very safe for your little ninjas.
  • The set includes:

  • One eighty foot slack line with heavy duty ratchet and installation accessories
  • Three monkey bar obstacles
  • Two hanging ring obstacles
  • Two monkey knot obstacles
  • Two tree protectors
  • One storage bag, for easy storage of your obstacle line when taken down

  • So the first challenge you’ll have with this ninja obstacle course is the most difficult – the set-up challenge! On the plus side, the directions are pretty easy to understand and follow, so you have that going for you. You will need some patience and some strength, and at least two people when it comes to set-up. You’ll need to learn how to use the ratcheting system – which isn’t difficult, but if you’ve never used one before it takes a little practice. Then you’ll need to understand the concept of the set-up…which again, can be done with a little patience. The trickiest part we found was getting the obstacles lined up properly, because as you’ll find out, once you tighten down the slack line you can not move the obstacles – at all. We mean it. You’ve been warned. Finally, you really need to crank this sucker tight, and that does take a little muscle. But hey, you are setting this set up so your kids can get some exercise…it’s a good thing if you get a workout too!

    No durability questions at all. The slack line feels like it is made out of airplane seatbelt material…which doesn’t appear that it will break down any too quickly. The obstacles themselves are sturdy…we had kids and adults on them and there is no cause for concern.

    Visual Appeal is off the charts! Kids are drawn to this course – as are parents! And once your kids see someone else complete the course they’ll be hooked!

    This course is portable – can be taken down and set back up, adjustable – you can place the obstacles anywhere on the line, and expandable – you can add accessories to it. Not bad at all for functionality.

    With a retail price just below $115 we can’t exactly say the set is inexpensive. However…you wouldn’t want something inexpensive for your children to be hanging and climbing on. The materials used here are solid, and sometimes you have to pay a few more dollars to get good quality merchandise. Compared to a freestanding monkey bar set, this set beats it every time. And it’s portable. So yes, a little pricey, but certainly not out of line.

    Lily’s Things has a totally original design on a hot concept. Ninja Courses are starting to pop up at bounce places and playgrounds. This gives you the ability to set one up at your own home – and we love that.

    Overall the Ninja Slackline Ropes Obstacle Course is just flat our cool. Can’t say it any other way. Your kids are going to see it and want to use it. Your friends are going to see it and want to try it. It is a challenge to set-up, but once you get past that it’s all fun from there! If you’ve got kids at home and you’re looking for a way to get that energy out – look no further!

    Manufacturer: Lily's Things
    Recommended Age: 5 years and up
    Retail Price: $113.98
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