Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy

Pint-sized explorers love bath activities that keep them busy and engaged in the tub. Introduce reel bathtime fun with the Fishin’ Bath Toy by Munchkin. The magnetic fishing hook easily picks up sea creatures (which double as bobbing bath toys), and the handle is specially made to fit toddler hands. The reel even makes fun clicking sounds when turned, giving it a more realistic feel. Great for developing hand-eye coordination and teaching cause and effect, too – so your little one falls hook, line and sinker for bathtime learning fun.

From Amazon:

  • Bath toy set contains (1) magnetic fishing rod and (3) underwater bobbing characters
  • Characters float with magnets on top for easy fishing
  • Characters are air tight, helping to limit mold and mildew
  • Magnetic bobbers help develop hand eye coordination
  • Suitable for little boys and girls 24 months and up
  • Care and Cleaning: Rinse with warm water, wipe clean, hand wash, air dry

  • We were impressed with how easy to use this awesome bath time toy really was! The magnets are strong – your little ones will have no problem catching!

    It’s a bath toy, so you know, eventually they get a little worn down from daily use. However, we were pleased with the airtight fish to help limit mold and mildew.

    Bright fun colors – super cute!

    The Fishin’ Bath Toy works – and your kids will love it! If anything, you may need to assist in removing the fish from the rod, but our little ones had at it and were able to pull apart after a few tries.

    $8.99 retail for a bath toy that doesn’t just sit in the water or make a mess? Works for us!

    Super original, super cute – we haven’t come across any bath you similar to this in recent days.

    Overall you can’t go wrong with the Fishin’ Bath Toy from Munchkin. It’s adorable, works, adds one more level of fun to your child’s daily bath routine, and is certainly affordable! 5 stars indeed!

    Manufacturer: Munchkin
    Recommended Age: 2 years and up
    Retail Price: $8.99
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