StickerKid My Summer Camp Pack of Name Labels Kids Teens Tweens Product Review

Going away to summer camp or ski camp? This is an important time when you will be making lots of new friends. The challenge is to come back from camp with a suitcase as full as the one you left with. To help you with this, StickerKid has created the “Summer Camp Pack”.

The Summer Camp Pack includes labels for all of your belongings with the different size options:
– 44 medium labels
– 14 shoe labels
– 60 small labels
– 32 iron-on clothes labels

The Summer Camp Pack of labels from StickerKid includes an extremely wide variety of stickers and labels for a wide variety of uses. The bottom line for this category is simple…they are in fact easy to use! The “sticker” labels, obviously, simply stick on to pretty much any hard surface (including the soft soles of your child’s shoes). The iron-on clothes labels do take a little time to affix to clothing…but you aren’t going to find a quality product that is easier to attach.

For our team this was truly the most important category. There is literally no point in labeling you child’s gear and clothing if the labels are going to fall off. After a few runs through the laundry, after some hard use on sports equipment, and after some hand washing drinking bottles, we are happy to report that we found all of the stickers and labels held tight. You can’t ask for more than that!

Is Visual Appeal important to you for your child’s labels…probably not. Is it important to them….you betcha! StickerKid has a platform that allows you to customize your labels with a huge number of icons (or no icon at all), choose from 16 different colors, and add some customizable text. Yes – picking pictures and colors for the labels will make your kids happy!

From clothing to water bottles to camping gear and even sneakers, the folks from StickerKid have made this one incredibly comprehensive pack of labels. They do have options for you to order smaller sets or specific labels, but we really love the Summer Camp Pack because it includes them all. And since they actually hang on like they are supposed to, we are more than happy to award 5 stars here!

Cost Efficiency is usually our toughest category and our review team is always strict in pricing…and we are no different this time. The Summer Camp Pack includes a lot of labels for a lot of uses…and this many labels will cost you. We know that the package isn’t for every parent…and the good news is so does StickerKid! With that said, we do feel this package is a tiny bit on the expensive side (although it is comprehensive), but are happy to report on StickerKid’s website they have so many options to order individual labels or sets/packs – the choice is up to you – and we’re sure you’ll find a pricepoint that matches your budget.

Labels for clothing and camp gear have certainly been around for years…nothing exactly new there. However, with the variety of icons, colors, ability to fully customize text, and the fact that they work so well – we are happy to keep the rating high in the Originality category.

Overall our team was very pleased with the My Summer Camp Pack from StickerKid. The labels are easy to use and are going to stay attached to your child’s clothing and your child’s gear. This pack is a tiny bit expensive, but other options are available. When you send the kids to camp, they need labels…and you can’t go wrong with StickerKid!

Manufacturer: StickerKid
Recommended Age: 3 months to 18 years old
Retail Price: $34.35
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