Minions FunBites Food Cutter Set Kids Food Product Review


As seen on Shark Tank, FunBites Minions Goggles instantly cuts kids’ food into edible Minions Goggles! FunBites is patented because it’s the first and only kitchen tool to cut kids’ food into fun shaped bite sized pieces. FunBites is made in the USA of high performance food grade material chosen for its strength, sharpness and durability. Make Mealtime fun again. Picky eaters meet their match! Try on all kids food like waffles and pancakes, to deli, melon, cheese, brownies and more. Great for Bento lunches too. FunBites was invented by a mother and her daughters to make healthier food choices fun and mealtime less stressful for everyone. Join the fun. FunBites – Creating Bite-Sized Fun!

Adding a little FunBites pizazz to any meal is easy as can be. Once finished prepping, simply press the FunBites cutter down onto the food, and voila – food with style!

No durability concerns here – FunBites are even dishwasher safe – so if you’d rather not have to scrub out food gunk (I’m looking at you PB&J) you can just pop it into the top rack of your dishwasher!

Ah Minions – it doesn’t really get more appealing to little ones than that, does it? What we are talking about here is creative, fun ways to get your finicky eaters to eat – and with a little help from FunBites, kids are given a nice push in the right direction.

Goggle…shaped…food…that’s what Minions FunBites claim to offer, and that is just what they fulfill. And with the goggle-shaped food in hand, you’ll have little ones happily eating…and smiling…and giggling…and making all sorts of Minions noises. Hey – it’s a tradeoff – you want them to eat, right?!

With a suggested retail price of $9.99 Minions FunBites are perfectly priced to add to your kitchen utensils or pick up as a gift. Not too expensive at all!

FunBites are still the most original, most fun, food equipment out there when it comes to finicky eaters. And the keep getting better. Minions today…who knows what’s tomorrow? We can’t wait to find out!

You caught us…we love Minions and we love FunBites! It was going to be hard for this not to earn a 5 star review! We love anything that help guide little ones to eating more…and we love the fun creative way FunBites keeps bringing it. Easy to use, easy to clean, priced right, and another tool in the toolbox when it comes to helping kids eat at meal time!

Manufacturer: FunBites
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $9.99
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