Kiddopotamus® Peek-aboolaphant from Summer Infant Baby Toy Product Review


Babies love mirrors, it’s all about discovery! What better than discovering the baby in the mirror…well that’s easy…Playing Peek a Boo with this cute little elephant and discovering a squeak when you grab his trunk. This Pachyderm is packed with Elefun! This will surely become baby’s favorite cuddle toy in no time!

Ahhh…finally a toy that is ready to go out of the box! That’s a little toy opening humor for you…but in reality the Peek-aboolaphant from Kiddopotamus is easy on the learning curve. Take this adorable elephant out of the box and the fun begins! As a heads up, this is a Mom-or-Dad-powered toy that will certainly be easy for you to work with your little one!

No durability concerns here! Peek-aboolaphant is made well and can certainly hold up to anything a little one has to throw at it (or spit up on it!). We’d recommend a wet cloth for easy spot cleaning – should be no other issues heavier than that!

Oh – Peek-aboolaphant is so cute! First off, he is large for an infant toy, colorful and huggable! His fun ears pop up and down for a fun game of peek-a-boo. And the mirror on the belly is sure to catch your baby’s eye. Add in that the colors are unisex and you have an excellent item for the baby in your life.

We’ll ask you…what’s better – a stuffed animal that just sits there? Or a stuffed animal with some interaction that doesn’t require any batteries to operate?! Thought so! You’ve got the floppy peek-a-boo ears, you’ve got the mirror, and you have a little squeak in his trunk! In the world of stuffed animals the Peek-aboolaphant is 3 steps up from a boring old teddy bear!

If you’ve read our reviews long enough, you know we are always focused on the $20 pricepoint. Items that cost too much more than $20 we consider a commitment and better have a lot going on! With a suggested retail price of $17.99, Peek-aboolaphant is lower than our happy price, and it packs in the functionality. Normally we don’t rate Cost Efficiency on stuffed animals well, but Peek-aboolaphant is our exception to the rule!

Of course we’ve seen plenty of plush…and plenty of peek-a-boo…and plenty of mirrors for little ones….but we aren’t going to penalize a toy when it comes together in a new package that just works…and that is what we are dealing with here! Peek-aboolaphant combines some super-fun elements for little ones in a unique and fun way!

Overall we really enjoyed reviewing Peek-aboolaphant. This fun little guy brightened our day – and he will brighten the day of the little one in your life too! He is priced perfectly, easy-to-use and built to last. Peek-aboolaphant is a perfect addition to the nursery – and a fun toy for Mom, Dad and baby to interact with!

Manufacturer: Summer Infant - Kiddopotamus
Recommended Age: 4 months and up
Retail Price: $17.99
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