Connects Tall Pail from Fathom Company Kids, Teens & Tweens Product Review


Connects are carefully cast, subtly colored chain link pieces designed to allow precision linking. Joining the units together by hand forms colorful chains. These colorful chains are worn as jewelry, hung on backpacks, great party favor, decorate rooms and used as toys. It is amazing how many designs can be created from Connects. A simple, colorful bracelet can be made with 18 units. Connects Pocket products contains 200 units enough for 10+ simple bracelets. And Connects Tall Pail will make over 50 simple bracelets and will keep many children busy for hours! Kids quickly discover how to make more complicated designs.

Let’s be honest, kids love the Rainbow Looms but they can be difficult to use. Kids on the younger side of things want to make bracelets and jewelry, but sometimes just simply don’t have the fine motor skills. Well hello Connects! You’ve come along, introduced a product just as fun and colorful…and oh by the way…MUCH EASIER TO USE! Connects themselves are suggested for kids age 6 and up, but we had a few younger testers try these out along with some older kids and all came back with smiles! Absolutely easy to use!

We hate to bring up Rainbow Loom again, but we’re going to. The bands are small, break and get lost easily. Connects do none of that! They are made a bit larger, are extra durable, and if one should inevitably fall on the ground, they are easy to find! No durability concerns at all.

Bright colors. Fun bracelets. Easy to work with. And…the packaging is adorable! The Tall Pail and the smaller Color Pails offer fun, unique packaging options.

Our team was absolutely please with the functionality that Connects offers. We found our kids going beyond bracelets and necklaces, making belts, anklets, and then taking their designs to new levels. To be honest, we don’t even know what some of the inventions our kids made with Connects, but they had a blast letting their imaginations roam free.

The Tall Pail is priced just under $18 – and provides enough Connects pieces to make more than 50 simple bracelets (a little less if your kids get fancier). A small pail is priced at $$4.99 (small boxes are priced at $3.99) and include enough Connect pieces to make 10 bracelets. Tall and small – all priced under $20 – our team is happy!

OK – last mention of the Rainbow Loom, and we only bring them up to give them credit to introducing a fun, craft project for kids to wear and share. Connects builds off of that idea, adds a new spin to it, and gives children the tools to take their creations even further. That’s pretty original in our book!

Overall our kids were thrilled with the fun creations they were able to make with Connects. They are so easy to use, so the younger ones could join in on the fun. Our Connects pieces were durable and didn’t get lost in the carpet/rug. In their Pails or on their wrists and necklaces, Connects are eye-catching. They are functional and priced fairly. If you have a little one that loves to create and wear their own pieces, Connects is the perfect item to add to their collection!


Manufacturer: Fathom Company
Recommended Age: 6 years and up
Retail Price: $17.99
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