Turbospoke – The Bicycle Exhaust System Kids Bike Product Review

Turbospoke the Bicycle Exhaust System fits to any bike and transforms it to look and sound like a real motorbike! Using durable plastic Motocards and a realistic megaphone exhaust pipe, Turbospoke totally revolutionizes a “card in the spokes”. The exhaust pipe amplifies the sound from one of the three variable Motocards to produce a thunderous roar! What’s more, it’s 100% pedal powered, no batteries or electronics are required. It fits in minutes and everything you need is included in the pack along with 15 awesome stickers to customize and decorate your exhaust. Amp up your ride today with Turbospoke!

Let’s just say we handed a Turbospoke over to a dad who was as far from a mechanic as we could get – and within minutes the child was rip-riding and roaring away with a new Turbospoke installed! The directions for installation are clear and concise, and there are just a few pieces to connect. There are 3 “Motocards” included that make different sounds when inserted. Your kid will hop on their bike and ride away with an awesome motorcycle sound purring as they ride!

We got reports back in from the two Turbospokes that we installed sounded great and lasted well after plenty of use. If your child wants you to remove the Turbospoke, that’s easy too…and you can easily reinstall again.

The Turbospoke just looks awesome – and our kids absolutely loved it. And…the friends they ride bikes with were looking for a Turbospoke of their own! Add in the fact that Turbospoke comes with 15 stickers for your kids to customize if they like, and you are talking top notch Visual Appeal.

Turbospoke installs easily and looks awesome…but this bicycle accessory wouldn’t be a hit if it didn’t sounds awesome…and it does! The three Motocards offer three different sounds that your child is sure to love!

Our review team priced Turbospoke between $20 and $25 – and with a suggested retail price of $21.99 Turbospoke is right in the sweet spot.

Kids have been putting playing cards in their spokes for years, but there is simply no comparison to the Turbospoke. Turbospoke takes the awesome sound, amplifies it, and adds an exhaust system that makes your child’s bike just look awesome. This is one case of a company taking a good idea from growing up and making it just amazing!

The Turbospoke is a 5 star sweep! It is easy to use, durable and looks awesome! The folks behind Turbospoke even added functionality by giving kids options for the sound and the ability to customize the look with stickers. Add in perfect pricing and you are looking at one bicycle accessory your kids are going to love.

Manufacturer: Tomax Ltd.
Recommended Age: 6 years and up
Retail Price: $21.99
On the Web: www.turbospoke.com
Buy It Here: