Moon Light – Deluxe Edition from Discover with Dr. Cool Kids, Teens and Tweens Product Review


This educational night light comes with a real meteorite specimen and educational material about the moon. Convenient features such as a glow-in-the-dark remote control and 20-minute sleep time make it easy to use. This moon light has seven different color settings and a color morphing mode, and features a real NASA lunar photo on its surface.

The Moon Light Deluxe Edtion from Discover with Dr. Cool is definitely easy to use. Unbox, hang on a wall with the included easy mounting bracket (uses double-stick tape – no nails!) and the you and your little one can enjoy the gorgeous glow of the moon. The remote itself is intuitive, and after a quick instructional session our 6 year old was changing colors and setting the sleep timer. Super easy to use!

No durability concerns. Batteries are the only thing that may go and those are easy enough to replace.

Of all of the night lights we’ve seen this one is absolutely the coolest! Moms and Dads won’t mind adding this to their children’s room one bit!

There are seven different colors your child can select, as well as an option to rotate through the colors. You can leave it on, or select a sleep timer for it to turn off. That’s about as much functionality you could ask for!

No – this isn’t a dollar store night light…the price tag here is just under $25, but in our opinion it is well worth it. You are basically getting a piece of wall art, a night light, and an opportunity to discuss the moon with your children. Dr. Cool includes some learning material, activities and even an actual meteorite for your child’s collection. All under $25 – not bad at all.

We have certainly seen some night lights before, and we’ve even come across one or two shaped like a moon, but we haven’t seen anything like this. It packs in educational material and a super functional super cool light. Definitely an original.

We couldn’t love the Moon Light – Deluxe Addition any more! It’s easy enough for little children to use, durable, and looks awesome. There is plenty of functionality and it includes some educational material. This is an awesome way to transition your little ones from a super bright night light to something that will add the perfect touch to their bedroom!

Manufacturer: Discover with Dr. Cool
Recommended Age: 6 - 15 years
Retail Price: $24.95
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