Picture ABC Blocks from Maple Landmark Woodcraft Kids Product Review


An updated version of Maple Landmark’s 28 piece set of ABC blocks, 26 blocks feature one letter per block with upper case, lower case, cursive and three related pictures. The other two blocks have extra letters to help spell more words! These hard maple 1/75″ blocks are colorfully printed with non-toxic inks that are very durable and have no finish. These heirloom blocks will last for generations!

It’s certainly hard to get Easier to Use than blocks and kids. Stack them, play with them, drool on them…as long as you can keep the little ones from throwing them!

Each Letter Picture Block from Maple Landmark Woodcraft is made from select rock maple with no finish and safe inks. These blocks are built to be passed down from generation to generation within your family. After lots of play we saw no breakdown or wearing.

Is it possibly that one set of blocks looks better than another set of blocks? The answer is yes! One look at the Picture ABC Blocks from Maple Landmark Woodcraft and you’ll see the thought, the colors and the style that went in to the design. Sure there are other simple ABC blocks on the market, but if you are looking for a higher end look, soft colors and fun pictures – look no further!

Kind of tough to give blocks a rating for functionality….

So…there are plenty of other block options out there, and many are priced lower than these (much lower in fact). However, in most of those cases, we found the blocks to be smaller in size, simple in design, and in some cases made overseas. With Maple Landmark Woodcraft there are some times when you are going to pay a little bit more, but when you play with or handle their toys you’ll know where the extra dollars come into play. Their Picture ABC Blocks are a few steps above the others, you’ll see it when you play with them, but you’ll also feel it in your wallet.

Larger blocks with new designs including cursive letters and pictures. In the world of blocks – that is absolutely an original way of thinking!

The only issue we came up with in regard to the Picture ABC Blocks from Maple Landmark Woodcraft is possibly the price. And that isn’t to say that we think the price is too high for what you are getting, we just know some people are ok with a lesser quality item at a lesser price. If you are in the market for blocks that can stay with a family for many children and many generations, the Picture ABC Blocks from Maple Landmark Woodcraft is the perfect fit. Well made, easy to use, bright and colorful – these Picture ABC Blocks are a classic waiting to join your collection, ready to stick around for years to come!

Manufacturer: Maple Landmark Woodcraft
Recommended Age: 1 year and up
Retail Price: $58.00
On the Web: www.maplelandmark.com
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