5 Second Rule® Jr. from Patch Products Kids Game Review


Just Spit it Out!™ It seems like it would be easy to name three flavors of ice cream—but can you do it under the pressure of 5 seconds twisting down, and with the other players staring at you? You have to be quick, so just say whatever comes to mind and risk silly answers slipping out…because that would be funny, and we all like to laugh! It’s all in good fun with this fast-paced game where you have to Just Spit it Out!™

5 Second Rule® Jr. is one of those games that is just really easy to jump in and start playing. You may need a practice round or two…but one your little ones get a turn, they’ll have no problem with the gameplay itself. Now…that doesn’t mean it is easy! But that’s what makes it fun!

No durability concerns here. The game is designed for children 6 years and up, and at that age you really shouldn’t have much trouble having them keep track of cards or re-box as needed.

There are some cool components here, but 5 Second Rule® Jr. isn’t going to necessarily be the first game your children will want to pull off the shelf. Don’t be discouraged…once they play it, they’ll love it. Your job is to get them started and watch the fun begin!

We love it when a board game sets itself up to be played differently each and every time, and that’s just what 5 Second Rule® Jr. does! Sure, there are a limited number of questions…but there are an unlimited number of answers that are sure to change with each and every time you play!

Show me a game that plays well that costs $20 – and I’ll show you a game that gets all 5 of my stars! Perfect pricing!

We have come across a few games in our day that push the competitors into coming up with answers while being timed…so we can’t give a full five stars here. However, a kid-friendly take packaged in a fun way, is certainly original enough to earn four!

5 Second Rule® Jr. is just a fun game to play with your little ones! It doesn’t take forever to set-up, and it is easy for kids to learn. Plus, 5 Second Rule® Jr. gives kids plenty of room to come up with fun, creative answers and drive the gameplay. This is a fun addition to your game collection, and one your children are sure to enjoy!

Manufacturer: Patch Products
Recommended Age: 6 years and up
Retail Price: $19.99
On the Web: www.patchproducts.com
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