Mirari® myPad® Touch from Patch Products Baby Toy Product Review

The durable play tablet features colorful light-up images and over 50 fun sounds and phrases that activate when children press the touchscreen! Children will have their very own learning pad to play with, and they’ll have fun pretending to be like mommy and daddy with their tablets!
-Cognitive Learning
Understanding the cause & effect relationship
-Sensory Development
Exploring with hands and eyes, experiencing sounds and lights
Pretending toys are like grown-ups’ electronics

Ease of Use is a slam dunk 5 stars for the myPad Touch. Press the blue start button in the middle of the bottom row, and then hand it over to baby. Believe us…they’ve seen you on your iPad or Table enough to know just what to do! As they run their fingers over the buttons, sounds are heard, lights are seen, and your child will smile and smile. Easy!

No durability questions here. Our babies drooled on, slapped at, and dropped the myPad Touch and we saw no issues. Plus it wipes clean with a damp cloth.

Super cute and close enough to the look of your own iPad or Tablet that baby will be happy to play with it.

Well…it’s not a real tablet…so if you have already introduced your child to some of the apps that are out there for babies, this may not meet their approval. However, if you are looking for a toy that has the look of your iPad for a child that is just happy to have something similar – you’re in business!

Pricing on this isn’t bad at all. At $26.99 it certainly falls into a good gift range – not too expensive…not too inexpensive. If you’ve read our reviews in the past, we always like to stick around $20 so that we can add a little special toy or stuffed animal to go along with the main gift…but we aren’t far off here.

We have seen other iPad or Table type toys before, so we can’t say this is totally unique. However, we are happy to see this isn’t just a heavy-duty case looking to take the tablet from your hands and give it to baby. This is a specially designed toy just for baby, so you can keep your tablet all to yourself!

The Mirari myPad is a really solid entry into the baby toy market. It has the look and feel of your tablet, but doesn’t deprive you of precious iPad time. And..since it isn’t just a case around your tablet, you have no worry that baby will break your electronics! The price is fair, and there is certainly enough going on with this toy to entertain baby. We love it – and are sure your little one will too!


Manufacturer: Patch Products, LLC
Recommended Age: 12 months and up
Retail Price: $26.99
On the Web: www.patchproducts.com
Buy It Here: www.patchproducts.com