Pebble: A Smartwatch Perfect for Teens – Teens and Tweens Product Review


We all want to stay connected, and the latest trend in mobile gadgetry seems to be moving towards smartwatches. With Apple now having announced the Apple Watch, we can expect to see more people – including our kids – scrambling to get a hold of a smartwatch of their own.

But do kids really need such expensive gadgets? Many of today’s smartphones come with exclusive compatibility to their own line of smartwatches, and this causes the watches’ prizes to skyrocket. Then along comes Pebble, a unique smartwatch that does just watch a smartwatch should, without the glitz that makes other smartwatches so expensive.

As far as smartwatches go, Pebble is among the simplest and easiest to use. It has a simple interface that you can navigate through with the physical buttons located on the sides of the phone, has its own dedicated apps in both Google Play and the iTunes app Store, and can easily be customized too.

Because Pebble is lightweight, your kids can enjoy using it no matter what the activity. It’s also equipped with 5 ATM water resistance, and the surface is non-condensing. The watch strap is made of rubber, making it both sturdy and comfortable. Its battery can also last for up to a week, even with heavy use.

What makes Pebble such an attractive smartwatch for teens is the way it looks. It’s perfect for gamers who love 8-bit graphics, doesn’t look too formal, and has interchangeable straps. It even comes in different colors: Orange, Cherry Red, Jet Black, Arctic White, and Grey, as well as limited edition colors Hot Pink, Fly Blue, and Fresh Green.

As far as smartwatches go, Pebble is pretty basic. Most of the current generation of smartphones have so many functions, and their dedicated watches can keep up with them quite well. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S5’s specs on O2 shows that the phone has a “Quickshot camera and superfast auto-focus” which enables its users to take instant photographs of special moments. Its companion watch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear, even has its own camera so users can take quick snapshots of the world around them and edit it on their phones. Pebble has no such features – while it has a variety of dedicated apps, it’s really just a good-lucking, affordable smartwatch.

Comparing it with other smartwatches, Pebble is a clear steal. The watch itself sells for $99, but if you want to get a custom strap, it’ll cost you $20 – a mere fraction of what you would pay for more mainstream smartwatches.

We have to give Pebble credit for going retro in a world where everyone seems to be pushing for sophistication. Its status as the most successful crowdfunded project on Kickstarter should also be taken into account. It’s a clear crowd favorite, and for good reason.

Being so inexpensive, Pebble is really a great choice of smartwatch for younger people who don’t really need much functionality. Coming in cool, cute colors with interchangeable straps, and even donning an 8-bit design, it’s something you really should consider over more mainstream smartwatches.

Manufacturer: Pebble Technology Corp
Recommended Age: Teens
Retail Price: $99.00
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