Protecting your Backbone: Spine Health Tips for Pregnant Women

Along with the first little flutters of movement from your baby come a string of physical annoyances. While the hemorrhoids and heat burn will likely disappear after the birth, back pain is a pregnancy side effect that can linger well after baby arrives. To ensure that your back is as healthy as possible, give it some extra attention before, during and after your pregnancy.

Preemptive Strike

Your back needs to be as healthy as possible before you even get pregnant. You will be adding several pounds of weight to your middle, and a healthy core is just the support that you need. Yoga and pilates are ideal for strengthening your core, but these exercises can possibly cause damage if not done correctly. Look for classes with low student-to-teacher ratios so you can be re-assured that you are doing your moves correctly. suggests trying several studios until you’ve found the right one. The most important thing is finding an environment you will be comfortable in, even as you grow.

The Importance of Proper Alignment

Minor issues like misalignment can usually be taken care of with an adjustment from a chiropractor. When your spine is not properly aligned, it can mess with many of your organs, and this can cramp the baby and possibly even prevent the baby from moving into a head downward position near the end of your pregnancy. Taking care of your back means more than just dealing with back pain. It also means paying attention to your alignment.

Special Treats

During your pregnancy, be sure that you give yourself and your back a few special treats. Schedule some time with a masseuse who is trained in prenatal massage. Give yourself a break by not lifting anything heavy and stopping when you feel over strained.


About six weeks after you’ve given birth (eight or more if you had a C-section), you should be ready to start exercising again. Planks are a great way to get your belly toned while also reducing your back pain. This simple yoga position involves stretching out your body parallel to the floor while staying supported by your toes and your forearms. The position relies on your core muscles, and you will see big effects in a short time. Thirty Day Fitness Challenge suggests starting with 20 seconds and working your way up in small increments to 300 seconds.

Baby Carriers

New moms frequently damage their backs carrying their little bundles of joy around town, but the right baby carrier can protect your back. Rather than putting the weight all on one side with a sling, make sure it is evenly distributed with a backpack-style carrier. The Ergo is a soft-sided carrier that allows you to carry your baby next to you on either your front or your back. The pack’s ergonomic design transfers the baby’s weight to your legs, and it positions the baby in a pose that is optimal for leg development.

Active Care

If you have any serious back problems, you should get those taken care of before your pregnancy. You should not move forward with anything above before taking care of serious issues. Minimally invasive treatments can provide you with the benefits of surgery through innovative procedures, and Laser Spine Institute also offers diet and fitness information so you will be fully prepared for a future pregnancy.