Qool Stroller from Joovy Baby and Kids Product Review


When it comes to strollers and gear, you and your baby deserve the very best. The Joovy Qool is the culmination of first class engineering and upscale design in a revolutionary new stroller.

The Qool is super-lightweight, has the most amazing handling and its maneuverability is second to none. The anodized aluminum frame has a narrow width, adjustable handle bar and an incredibly compact fold.  Sealed bearing wheels and large pneumatic tires add to this dynamic ride.

Should the road get bumpy, the Qool’s high-tech suspension will work effortlessly to ensure that baby’s ride stays smooth and bump free.  Joovy has introduced a cantilever system to the Qool’s four-wheel suspension. This means the stroller will glide over any bumps, curbs or rough patches you encounter. It’s like having shock absorbers on the stroller. With the simple push of a button, the swivel front wheels lock in place to assist with off road terrain. The one step linked brake is easy to set in place when needed.

Parents can position the Qool seat forward or rear facing depending on their preference. It is easy to change the configuration and this can be done in a matter of seconds. For baby’s comfort, the Qool seat is fully padded and comes with a removable, washable seat pad insert. Should baby need to nap while you’re out on a stroll, the Qool seat has multiple recline positions. The footrest is adjustable and offers ample legroom.

Joovy knows that moms and dads come in different sizes so the Qool is equipped with a handlebar that adjusts to four height positions. The handlebar is covered in leatherette for a great grip and easy handling. The large, easy to access basket is perfect for all the take-along necessities.

The canopy on the Qool is extremely generous and even has a zippered extension to offer more coverage for baby if necessary. The canopy includes a sunroof window so you can see your baby while strolling.

The Qool folds with the seat in either forward or rear facing positions. For the most compact fold, the seat can be removed and stored separately. The wheels are easy to remove and put back on with its quick-release functionality.


  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • Fully padded, reversible seat with full recline, leg support
  • Removable, washable seat pad insert
  • Easy release, full size wheels with sealed bearings
  • Sealed bearing steering
  • Cantilever 4-wheel suspension system
  • Quick step swivel wheel locks
  • Leatherette wrapped and stitched handlebar and bumper bar
  • Oversized canopy with zippered extension
  • Extra-large storage basket


  • Assembled Dimensions – 42″H x 37″ D x 21.5″ W
  • Folded Dimensions (with seat) – 27″L x 21.5″W x 19″H
  • Folded Dimensions (without seat) – 27″L x 21.5″W x 17″H
  • Stroller Weight – 21.5 lbs.
  • Front Seat Min Age – Birth+ when using car seat adapter, or 3 months+
  • Max Weight – 55 lbs.


When we explore the ease of use category with an item such as a stroller, we are forced to look at it from two sides – assembly and operation or actual use.  As far as assembly goes – there is some.  We’re not talking hammer, nails, blood, sweat and tears assembly – but it is a bit involved.  We have noted that some retailers will sell a stroller already assembled – and we know this does help some families out.  However, we assume that you are starting from unassembled in the box…and if you are…be aware that there are a few steps to follow.  Nothing too overwhelming, but if you aren’t inclined to assemble baby items, you may want to inquire at the store.

As far as operation itself goes, we found some things we loved about the Qool, and some things that we felt could be a little easier.  This stroller rides amazing!  You could tell that a lot of thought went into the design and function – it shows.  We weren’t all that thrilled with the way the stroller folds for transport in the car.  Like most strollers, it takes a little getting used to – and once you’ve got it down, the folding isn’t so tough…but it isn’t the flattest fold-up either.  Put those together and we felt that this could be improved upon just a bit.

The other super-notable thing about the Qool is that you can use it both front-facing and rear-facing – and it isn’t too tough at all to switch between the two choices – a few modifications and you are good to go.  Add in a nice lay-back feature that works brilliantly and there is a lot of functionality to like in this stroller.

Oh we love to test for durability!  Yes we do!  Our babies eat in our strollers, our babies drool in our strollers, our babies sleep and sweat and make baby messes in our strollers!  And the Qool handled it all!  No concerns on breakdown during use – and easy clean-up – that’s what we like to see!

To say that the world of luxury strollers has figured out just how to make a high-end stroller look high-end would be an understatement!  One look at the Qool and you know you are gazing upon high-level engineering and quality craftsmanship.  In a lot of ways exploring the Qool was like that first test drive in a new car.  It looked nice…it felt nice…everything about it was just perfect!  Yup – the Qool has got loads of visual appeal in our book!

From a functionality perspective the Qool performed admirably.  The tires held up wonderfully on different types of terrain, and the ride is as smooth as silk.  The leg rest moves easily up and down as well as the safety bar opens and closes with ease.  As we mentioned earlier, we weren’t thrilled with the “foldability” and we would have liked to see a cup holder or two – but other than that – this baby is a beauty!

We should begin this section by saying that the Qool falls into a class of high-end or luxury strollers that are not made for every family.  With a price tag of $549 that has to be the first thing that is understood.  Now when you level the playing field and compare the Qool to other high-end strollers, you’ll find that you just may be looking at a bargain!  This is high-end luxury, top quality materials and craftsmanship – and at a price that sits on the low-end of comparable luxury strollers.  So…we can’t award 5 stars because of the overall price, but we certainly would put the Qool at the top of the list when it comes to affordable luxury!

It’s not revolutionary in design, the Qool is after all a stroller, but everything about it is just so…well…for lack of a better word cool.  It has a gorgeous original design – and we’re happy to offer 4 stars alone for that!

Overall the Qool is a wonderful stroller.  Yes, the price is high – but again – not so high when compared with other higher priced luxury strollers!  We’ve got really strong functionality and usability here and a style and design that stands alone.  When it comes to luxury strollers we couldn’t recommend one more highly than this!

Manufacturer: Joovy
Recommended Age: infant and up
Retail Price: $549
On the Web: www.joovy.com
Buy It Here: