Oball™ Obounce Activity Center™ Baby Product Review


With lights, sounds, music and those dynamic Oball™ signature toys – the Obounce Activity Center™ will have your little one busy and bouncing.

This unique bounce pad is textured and designed to allow baby to safely bounce and explore the rest of the activities offered. There is a 3-position height adjustment so this activity center can grow with baby, and the seat rotates a full 360 degrees so baby can reach every enticing toy station.

There are 15+ activities including 2 electronic toys and all have lights and sounds. The high back seat provides extra support and this activity center folds flat for convenient storage.


  • Exciting bounce pad with 3 height positions
  • Seat rotates 360° for easy access to all activities
  • Spinning Oball station rewards baby with lights and rattle sounds
  • Light up piano features volume control and 3 modes of play: melodies, sounds, and piano
  • Unique stacker and chaser combination is intriguing fun
  • Popper toy with spinning beads
  • Chaser with mini Oball toys, textured beads, and spinning bird
  • Tactile and teethable characters are easy to grasp
  • Removable and easy to clean seat pad

When it comes to activity centers, ease of use falls into two distinct categories – ease on Mom and Dad and ease on Baby! We are happy to report that the Obounce Activity Center hits both right out of the park! As with nearly all baby toys these days, there is some assembly required – but an experienced Mom or Dad can knock this out in under 20 minutes – not bad at all for such an involved activity center. Now…the real fun comes in when you put baby in to play – and you’ll see them start bouncing, reaching and smiling as they have a bit of freedom and a lot of support to entertain themselves. Super easy!

Our babies pulled, chewed, dribbled, slobbered on the activity center and we saw no major signs of wear. Yes – it will get a bit dirty over time, but a simple paper towel and a little water can usually clear your messes.

Oh…my…goodness…it doesn’t happen often – but we are talking about a brand new concept (see originality below!) that looks super exciting and fun! The bright colors and fun accessories are certain to grab your little one’s attention.

Put the little one in and watch him or her go! They’ll be bouncing – they’ll be playing – and they’ll be occupied. And here’s where it gets really good…while baby is happily entertained, Mom or Dad can actually take a minute to clean, relax or enjoy watching their child play while not holding them! There is so much going on from a function perspective that if your little one is comfortable they may stay in here much longer than you’ve ever expected!

The retail price on the Oball Activity Center is just under $90 – and yes – that is no small dollar figure. However, if you compare prices with other activity centers, you’ll see the Oball is right in the mix…and…we are talking new design and function – bouncing people, bouncing! – and we’re still in the right price range. You won’t buy more than one activity center, so if you have to spend an extra $10 or $15 to get a super versatile one – we don’t think that is such a bad thing.

We’ve referred to originality twice now – and yes we were thrilled! We’ve seen walk-arounds or activity centers before – believe us – plenty…but we’ve never seen one that lets your little one bounce! And we love that! As their little legs build up strength they’ll be bouncing and laughing while they play. Innovative and awesome!

It doesn’t happen so often but we are looking at a 5-star sweep! The Oball Activity Center is everything you are looking for in an activity center and more. Accept the price – activity centers aren’t inexpensive. Once you deal with that, you’ll be thrilled at the excitement and activity the Oball offers. We’re talking bouncing fun – super functionality – and excellent durability. Baby will love it – maybe even as much as we do!

Manufacturer: Kids II - Oball™
Recommended Age: 4 months and up
Retail Price: $89.99
On the Web: www.kidsii.com/oball
Buy It Here: www.toysrus.com