Bommerscheim Buddies & Covers Baby and Kids Stuffed Toy Product Review

Bommerscheim Buddies are the floppy-eared bunny-shaped dolls that measure 15″ from ear to toe. Its whimsical facial expression helps the youngest tots bond instantly. The large ears are perfect for little fingers to grab and go. The cute “feet” and “tail” designs cleverly hide the hook and fasteners allowing for cover to be removed! When ready, wash the fabric cover on the gentle cycle, then lay flat to dry. Choose from 28 different designs within 5 Collections ranging from Stars to Camouflage.

Nothing difficult whatsoever when it comes to Bommerscheim Buddies (except for maybe spelling the name of the product!)! Kids know just what to do with these lovable, huggable little guys the second you hand one over. Perfect for loving, snuggling and cuddling. Changing their covers isn’t too difficult either – even for little hands – although a little Mom or Dad help never hurts! Easy for sure!

Durability is one of the features that certainly stands out for Bommerscheim Buddies. Unlike traditional stuffed animals that you have to throw entirely into the washing machine…by design, Bommerscheim Buddies are easy to clean. Simply take the fabric cover off, wash on the gentle cycle, lay flat to dry, and then replace the cover. With a little care your Bommerscheim Buddy is as good as new – and the actual stuffed doll itself stays in perfect condition.

Bommerscheim Buddies look pretty much like what a doll would like if you asked Grandma to stitch one up for you. Now that isn’t a knock on the style either…but if you have a relative into stuffed animal making chances are you’ll get something like this. Keep in mind – that is certainly what Bommerscheim Buddies was going for here! This is an old Bommerscheim Family design and they are ready to share with the world. If you like a classic look and throwback styling – this is the stuffed toy for you and the little ones in your life.

Bommerscheim Buddies have interchangeable covers which give you the ability to keep a clean cover on your stuffed toy at all times and change up the look. In a world of sounds and blinking lights, that seemed a bit limited to some of our reviewers. On the other hand, some were thrilled at the simplicity. With a split opinion, we put this rating right down the middle!

The cost of the Bommerscheim Buddy itself isn’t out of our accepted price range. And the cost of the Replacement Covers fits in their too. However, if you want both, plus another Replacement Cover or two, the pricing can get up there pretty quickly. We’re not against spending on items you like, just be aware, that your $20 purchase can quickly turn into $45 or more.

It’s a challenge to call a stuffed toy original, especially one built with classic styling…but we’re comfortable doing just that for a few reasons. First off…this is a new toy with a classic feel…not a retread of an old idea…but rather something new and different that could be the go-to toy for your child for years to come. Add in the ability to change the look while keeping your buddy clean, and we’ve got the makings of a pretty original design – even if it does have that classic look!

Overall our team enjoyed playing with and learning about Bommerscheim Buddies. No question they are easy to use and durable. Yes, there was a bit more discussion on Originality and Cost Efficiency than most simple stuffed toys, but there are pros and cons in both categories. if you are looking for a toy that has a bit of that retro, but brand new – this is it. If you want to be able to take advantage of additional covers you’ll have to pay. Long story short – we like the throw-back feel in a brand new package – and we think you will too!


Manufacturer: Bommerscheim Sisters & Company
Recommended Age: Newborn and up
Retail Price: $19.99 each buddy, $13.99 each replacement cover
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