Bright Starts™ Having a Ball™ Get Cookin’ Kitchen™ Baby Toddler Toy Product Review


The Bright Starts™ Having a Ball™ Get Cookin’ Kitchen™ is sure to get things cooking!  Your little chef can enjoy cooking like mom and dad using the pot, burner, and blender to spin balls round and round for pretend play fun! The fun continues as baby spins the paper towel roll, flips the light switch on and off, and drop balls in the faucet, ice dispenser, or milk jug to activate over 50 cheerful melodies and silly sounds! The colorful flip book helps to teach little ones fruit and vegetable identification, colors, and letters. And what’s more, this activity-filled kitchen folds up and stores balls for easy, on-the-go fun! There are so many ways to play – learning has never been so much fun!


  • Features over 50 melodies, sounds and phrases as well as 10 activities
  • Drop balls in the faucet, ice dispenser, or milk jug
  • Open and close oven door for fun sounds and to retrieve balls
  • “Cook with mommy” with pretend, pot, burner, and fun blender that spins the balls around
  • “Let’s clean up!” Spin paper towel roll for music and sounds
  • Flip page book helps teach fruit and vegetable identification, colors and letters
  • Slide the temperature lever up and down to hear clicking sounds
  • Kitchen folds up and stores balls for on-the-go fun

Additional Features:

  • Try me: Slide the blender button to watch the trapped ball bounce around. Turn the faucet handle to hear sound effects. Spin the paper towel roll to hear melodies and sound effects. Flip the light switch on and off to turn the light on and off and hear sound effects and melodies.
  • Coordinates with other items in the Bright Starts™ Having a Ball™ Toddler Toy Collection


The Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Cookin’ Kitchen has so much activity and excitement – your little one literally isn’t going to know where to start! Mom and Dad – that means you’ll be in there as well – and don’t get us wrong – that isn’t a bad thing at all…but for the first few times you and baby play with this kitchen, you’re going to be involved. There are lots of moving parts and moving pieces that you are going to have to show your little one how to interact with. Eventually he or she will be able to take advantage of the whole suite of fun on their own, but in the beginning to truly find all of the parts and pieces you’ll need to direct the play.

Bottom line here is that there really aren’t any parts or pieces that we worry about breaking down per se. Our concern is that batteries will need to be replaced eventually (not a big deal), and that toys with smaller parts and pieces tend to get lost over time. The folks from Bright Starts were so smart with their design of the Having a Ball Get Cookin’ Kitchen in that all of the pieces conveniently store inside – but that’s assuming they don’t get misplaced during play time!

Off the charts, slam dunk, homerun! When your little one lays eyes and ears on this kitchen they’ll be hooked. The bright colors and fun sounds enhance the appeal. 5 stars for sure in this category!

As we made reference to earlier in the review…there is a lot going on with this little kitchen. Between playing with the pot, the burner and the blender, flipping the light switch on and off, paper towel, attached flip book, and dropping the balls into the refrigerator, faucet and ice dispenser – your little one is going to be happily entertained for quite some time! Superb functionality!

Well…as always…we tend to be toughest when it comes to Cost Efficiency. I wouldn’t say we are exactly cheap…well…maybe we would say that. With a retail price just under $35, our team was a little put-off. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of awesomeness going on for the price…it just means we have a really hard time crossing the $20-$25 threshold for items for babies and toddlers. If you can afford the extra dollars, this kitchen is totally worthy it. If money is more of a concern you can probably find lower priced kitchen-style items with less functionality, that may hit the mark with your little ones.

Yes, just like you, we’ve seen plenty of kitchen and cooking type toys for little ones. However the Having a Ball Get Cookin’ Kitchen packs in so much fun and functionality it still deserves the highest marks for originality! Bottom line – when a toy that fits a classic category is reinvented and adds a lot of upgrade and improvement – we are happy to award top marks!

The Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Cookin’ Kitchen is cool…really cool…and your little one is going to love it! Yes, it is a bit on the expensive side for a baby toy – and we aren’t ducking that. If you take the price into account you’ll find that this toy packs in the functionality and is going to be a hit with your little one – whether he or she pretends to cook, plays with the balls or just enjoys all the bright colors and fun sounds. A great present year round – the Having a Ball Get Cookin’ Kitchen is a hit in our book!

Manufacturer: Bright Starts
Recommended Age: 12 - 16 months
Retail Price: $34.99
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