Tiggly Learning Shapes and Interactive iPad Apps for Toddlers Product Review

Tiggly is a learning company pioneering a new way to educate children in the digital age, by combining the educational benefits of physical play with the learning potential (and fun!) of digital tools we can create the ideal environment for early childhood education. Their first physical product is Tiggly Shapes, a set of 4 geometric shapes that are designed to interact with Tiggly’s learning apps on tablets.

You mean your letting your toddler play on your iPad!?! The answer is finally yes! All thanks to a little help from our friends at Tiggly! Mom or Dad will have to set up the Tiggly Shapes to your app the first time through – and then maybe guide your youngest through the process once or twice. With Tiggly’s apps designed with little ones in mind your kids will be off and playing in no time! The apps are easy and they are fun – colorful and make lots of great sounds, noises and phrases. Let’s just say your toddlers are going to be happy!

So…are we telling you to leave your iPad in the hands of your two or three year old? Absolutely not without supervision! What we are telling you is that the apps are great – and if somehow they find a way to delete one, you can simply reload it! The shapes themselves are well built and will stand up to anything your toddler throws at them (even when your toddler throws them at you!).

In case you missed it from earlier – Tiggly Shapes is a toy with apps designed specifically for your toddlers! The shapes are bright and colorful, just like the apps. In other words – your toddlers are going to flip when they see what they get to play with!

First off, there are three Tiggly apps – Tiggly Stamp, Tiggly Draw and Tiggly Safari. Each app is unique in it’s own way and packed with super functionality for little ones. There are shapes to make, characters to draw and things to do as your kids explore and play! The apps give you the functionality of saving a picture and telling a story. A lot of thought went into the design of the apps and it shows!

So…Tiggly Apps are free – but Tiggly Shapes carry a pretty decent pricetag. Suggested retail price is $29.99. However, if you’ve been seeking a way to engage your kids with your iPad that doesn’t involve Netflix – this is an excellent solution.

We’ve come across toy add-ons for iPads and so many of them just don’t work well. They don’t function and the games are limited. Not so with Tiggly! Tiggly Apps have plenty of entertainment value for little ones and the shapes will hold up. Excellent originality.

Overall we really think Tiggly is on the right track! They’ve come up with a way to engage little ones, teach them to use an iPad or tablet properly, and do it in a way that parent’s love. Yes, the price of the shapes is high – no getting around that – but the apps themselves are free – and when you see the smile on the face of your little ones you just may be telling yourself they are worth every penny!

Manufacturer: Tiggly - Kidtellect Inc.
Recommended Age: 18 months - 4 years old
Retail Price: $29.99 for Tiggly Shapes, all Tiggly apps are free!
On the Web: www.tiggly.com
Buy It Here: www.tiggly.com