Mobi Beatz Buddiez Cartman from South Park Speaker Kids Teens Tweens Product Review


Each unit has its own built‐in Hi‐Fi amplifier and USB rechargeable battery so you can add to the fun by connecting multiple units.


  • Auto On/Off (connected audio level detection)
  • Play up to 4 Hrs. per charge via USB
  • Includes; USB charge/audio cable, lanyard/tether
  • Charge & Play with the same cord


For the most part Beatz Buddiez are plug and play. That is…when they are charged. When not charged properly, or dying your Beatz Buddiez aren’t nearly as enjoyable to use. And to charge you need to plug into a USB port. Awesome if you have a port around…not so awesome if you don’t. Bottom line – super easy, when charged.

We found no issue with the durability of the speaker itself. When charged, it plugged and played extremely well – better than we were expecting. But then the charge starts to run out…and we are back to the same problem. If you are going to use a Beatz Buddiez speaker in your office when you can leave them plugged into a USB at all time – no durability issues. If you take your Beatz Buddiez speaker on the road with you, you may start to run into some power issues.

How much higher than 5 can this rating go?! Seriously…Cartman…and a speaker…in one!

Did you read the comments we wrote above with regard to charging? If yes, then you know where we are headed. Beatz Buddiez are super functional and super awesome…as long as they are charged. No charge, no function.

With a retail price of just under $25 we can’t say that Cartman makes for an inexpensive speaker exactly. However, other speakers in this category fall a bit below and a bit above, so we were pretty comfortable with the $24.95 pricing. Not overly ecstatic…and not disappointed..just comfortable.

Please refer to Visual Appeal above. Cartman. Speaker. Amazing.

Beatz Buddiez are cool characters, fun styles and decent speakers. By now you understand the challenges of the charge (keep in mind, when fully charged we were impressed with how long the speaker works). Bottom line, Cartman is a great gift for the South Park fan in your life who wants to play tunes at his or her desk and doesn’t mind working with a speaker that may run out of juice at some point when not plugged in. If you are audiophile, you probably want to look elsewhere (although if you are an audiophile you probably already know that). Bottom line, we dig Cartman, and we dig Beatz Buddiez!

Manufacturer: Mobi Technologies, Inc.
Recommended Age: South Park is 17+
Retail Price: $24.95
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