Wordsearch™ Junior from Goliath Games Kids Learning Game Review

Wordsearch™ Junior is the sequel to the successful Wordsearch! game. The junior version teaches reading, spelling, matching and sportsmanship. With three learning levels, children as young as 4 can join in the fun by matching patterns and can then move up to words with picture clues, while older children can play with word-only clues. Game includes 6 matching pattern puzzles, 6 words-with-picture puzzles and 6 word-only puzzles for years of learning and fun.

One of the best things parents and kids will quickly learn about Wordsearch Junior is that it is designed for easier gameplay for kids of varying ages. That doesn’t mean that it is easy to play, it just means there are levels for your youngest (around 4 is the youngest we’d recommend), all the way to older kids. Getting used to the gameplay itself takes a few rounds – but is relatively easy to pick up once you get going.

In theory there are no real durability issues here. However in practice, you’ll quickly notice that the little marker pieces tend to get everywhere, especially when little hands are handling. Parents will definitely want to assist in clean up for kids on the younger side.

It’s not that Wordsearch Junior is lacking in Visual Appeal, it looks fun and our kids were attracted to the game watching others play. However, in today’s world of flashy colors and electronics (sadly even in board games), Wordsearch Junior wasn’t exactly the first game off of the shelf. Please understand, that doesn’t reflect on the gameplay or the fun – it just means your kids may need a bit of encouraging to choose Wordsearch Junior the first time or two!

We loved the functionality that this game offers. As we mentioned Wordsearch Junior has different levels for different aged children. Additionally, the way the wheel spins dictates the patters and words to be found – meaning it plays differently an awful lot! Nice functionality.

When it comes to board games, our parents prefer to stay under $20. With a suggested retail price right around $25, some of our parents weren’t thrilled looking at a slightly expensive game that they may have trouble getting their kids interested in.

From an Originality perspective we couldn’t have been more pleased! Wordsearch Junior is unique, and we are pretty sure your kids will have never played anything like it. That’s what we like for this category!

Overall we found that as a group we really enjoyed playing Wordsearch Junior. The game plays quickly and kids are virtually forced to pay attention. With a few rounds under their belt, kids find the game easy to play and fun. Again, it may not be their first choice off the shelf, but once they pick it they’ll get into it quickly. And since we love any game that gets their little brains working, we are happy to say we give Wordsearch Junior 4 our of 5 stars overall!

Manufacturer: Goliath Games
Recommended Age: 4 years and up
Retail Price: $24.99
On the Web: www.goliathgames.us
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