Early Learning Center Kit – Colors and Shapes from Patch Products and Lauri Toys, Back to School, Kids Product Review


The Early Learning Center Kit – Colors and Shapes challenges kids in a fun and colorful format by teaching them to identify shapes and colors by completing tasks, to recognize shapes and colors of objects in their environment, and to develop grouping and classifying skills through game play.
Ages 3 & Up
Contents: 2-Drawer Storage Box, 35 Soft Picture Tiles, 28 Shapes, 27 Activity Cards, Activity Guide

Designed for children ages 3 and up the Early Learning Center Kit Colors and Shapes has a variety of activities packed within this fun box! As with any toy or game for 3 year olds, they are going to need a little bit of help getting started, and in this case, understanding some of the concepts. But once they get the hang of it – watch out! In no time your little one will understand the idea, and start matching colors and shapes like nobody’s business. The experts from Patch Products and Lauri knew just what they were doing when they designed this fun learning tool.

What we have here is a learning tool designed for kids ages 3 and up that has lots and lots of lots of pieces. That means without careful supervision there is a better than likely chance pieces will go missing. You’ve been warned – help with clean-up or start losing pieces.

Bright colors, fun shapes, a cool 2 drawer box – there is more than enough here to attract a child’s eye!

Little by little, activity by activity your child will learn their shapes and colors through these fun activities. And as they learn, they’ll be excited to do the activities again and again – impressing themselves while reinforcing the concepts. Super functionality!

As with many of the Early Learning Center items, the prices tend to end up on the high side – in this case the suggested retail is $29.99. It should be known that many of these items and games are used in daycares and pre-schools – so the price tends to make sense. When you consider a $30 learning tool for home you will definitely need to think twice.

With a variety of activities designed to teach, and reinforce shape and color recognition, the Early Learning Center Colors and Shapes Kit packs plenty of punch. None of the activities are exactly ground-breaking, but when viewed as a whole, the kit is an original concept that we love.

The folks from Patch Products and Lauri have done it again. It isn’t a surprise to us when they impress with an educational game, and if you are a regular reader of ours, it shouldn’t surprise you either. Outside of a high price tag, this kit has it all from Ease of Use to Visual Appeal and Functionality. Little ones don’t just learn their shapes and colors by osmosis – they need to practice – and this kit is an excellent way to get them started!

Manufacturer: Patch Products / Lauri Toys
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $29.99
On the Web: www.patchproducts.com
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