Go Ape! from Patch Products Kids Card Game Product Review


Go Ape! by sticking out your tongue, rubbing your tummy or waving your hands in the air! You act out the funny monkey picture on the card to ask other players if they have your matches─it’s like Go Fish, but a little sillier and more animated! If you enjoy acting like an animal, you’ll go wild over this card game! The cards come in a cute monkey storage case!

Go Fish is one of the first card games that every child learns to play for one reason – because it is easy! Well, Patch Products found a way to make it even easier – and more fun! Instead of asking for a card by number, your kids are going to up and acting out a monkey movement on a card to seek out their match. More fun and even easier!

Unlike most card games that are packaged in a flimsy box that is guaranteed to break or rip (with a bit of help from small hands), Go Ape! is packaged in a durable (and adorable) plastic monkey case. No durability questions.

Watching Go Ape! in action is one of the most fun things parents and teachers can do. Kids just love acting silly – and acting silly is the name of this game! Awesome Visual Appeal!

Go Fish is fun. Kids like to play it. Go Ape! is crazy fun! Kids like to get up and get moving – get crazy and get laughing! Go Ape! takes care of that for sure!

Most card games we’ve reviewed come in between $5 and $7. By their nature they are just inexpensive toys/games. On the other end of the spectrum is Go Ape! because it comes in a nice plastic (adorable) carrying case. That’s where the extra dollars go and we get it – we just like our card games a little less expensive.

Is Go Ape! orignal? You bet it is! It’s an awesome original twist on Go Fish – and we dig that.

Overall your kids are going to love playing Go Ape! They are going to love it so much that you are going to find yourself playing more games of Go Ape! then you ever would have expected. It’s easy to play – it’s super fun for kids – and above all – it will have them laughing and laughing as they act out their monkey cards. An excellent game for fun loving kids (and their parents)!

Manufacturer: Patch Products
Recommended Age: 4 years and up
Retail Price: $9.99
On the Web: www.patchproducts.com
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