Atari Arcade for iPad – Duo Powered Kids Teens Tween Game Electronics Review


Relive the fast-action excitement of all your arcade favorites with Atari Arcade, the app-supported joystick controller for iPad®. With its joystick and buttons, Atari Arcade is exactly the way arcade games were meant to be played. The Duo line of app-supported accessories for iPad® create enhanced, shared gaming experiences with friends and family.

Well…come on…have you heard the term plug and play? This is essentially what we are getting at here. Well, almost. First, download the app from the app store…then plug and play! Easy!

Our team tested, and tested, and tested…and then tested some more (can you tell we were jonesing for our favorite 80s games?!?)…and after all of our extensive testing, we saw no breakdown in parts or performance. No concerns from where we stand.

From kids looking for a new way to utilize Mom or Dad’s iPad (or their own), or for parents looking for a flashback to a simple time – the Atari Arcade has the look and feel to bring all players to the table! We wish we could give 6 stars!

And here is where the first major discussion begins! So…the Atari app includes some free games…key word being some. Once you play the free games you are going to want to start in on your favorites – which means you are going to have to pay up. Yes, this is bridging into our Cost Efficiency conversation, but bottom line, functionality is limited by the amount of games you buy. While some of our purists wanted to offer 5 stars simply by how well it functionally plays, some of our other reviewers were upset at the functional limitations due to the limited amount of games you can play before buying more. We met in the middle with 3 stars!

So…we already detailed above that you are going to have to spend a few more bucks than you may have thought to purchase additional Atari games. Add in the fact that the unit itself isn’t inexpensive (suggested retail price of $60) and you are looking at a sizable investment.

Well of course it’s original! They came up with an awesome way for you to play old Atari games the way they were meant to be played – with a joystick!

The Atari Arcade for iPad was one of the most discussed (and frankly played) items we’ve seen in quite some time. It works so well – it’s easy to use for sure and it has a look and appeal that will catch every eye in the room. The price is high, and the functionality is somewhat limited by what you choose to add on. Put it all together and we’ve got an iPad addition that everyone will want, but some may choose not to purchase simply due to the price. If you can afford it – and don’t mind buying additional games – you’ll love it!

Manufacturer: Discovery Bay Games
Recommended Age: any
Retail Price: $60.00
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